Sunday, March 02, 2008

I don't even know what to do with this, but I want them. *whimper*
Does anyone around here speak Russian and know the exchange rate on rubles these days?
Okay - recent dining out - have been back twice to First Chinese BBQ. I had the crispy pork a second time, and I finally tried the roast duck on Friday. The duck is a revelation - it's really tender and the flavor is the best duck I've ever eaten. It is extremely fat- moreso than the pork, even, but it's really good. You can kind of just pick around that bit. Their wonton soup is great, too. The crispy noodles are really good, and the meat/veg comes out piled on dry noodles that are arrayed into a bird nest-type configuration.
Met someone for lunch at House Of Blues one day this week, and they have a penne pasta dish with a mushroom sauce - very good. Also, if you don't arrive during the lunch rush, you can park right in front of the venue. They also have a Gospel Sunday Brunch, with a full-gospel choir performing while you nosh - I'm told this is quite soul-stirring.
Met a foodie group Saturday afternoon at Himalayan Aroma in Irving at 3631 Belt Line for a Nepalese style meal. It was a rather nice hybrid of Chinese/Indian, and the food was really good. Have you ever had insanely spicy hot wings with scary amounts of cayenne and a vinegary tang? Well, their chili chicken was very much like that. The flavor was good, but it started with a very slow burn and built up from there. I only took a couple bites, and although I liked the flavor, I knew I'd be breaking into a sweat if I ate any more of it. If you face challenges in taming dense thatches of hair in your ears and nostrils, you may want to try this chili chicken and just burn it out. There was an amazing lentil soup with barley, and they served a delicious goat dish. Best dish of the day was methi chicken. Methi is fenugreek and has a very strong flavor that to me seems somewhere between basil and mint - it's a kind of bracing and cool flavor. So, if you go there, definitely try the lentil soup and the methi chicken.
Goin' shootin' today if the weather allows. Yays!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I want a pair of those shoes. They are very nice.

Good food, pretty shoes and a shootin' day coming up. What else could a girl ask for? You have it all;)

Christina RN LMT said...

Wow. Sounds like my kinda fun!

Good food, good friends...bliss.

Anonymous said...

Tell me you ate some of the duck skin. Please. Please?

I hope you had fun shooting.


phlegmfatale said...

lainy - you should get some - they're fun! I'm feeling pretty blessed at the moment!

christina - Yup - you've gotta move to Texas, babe!

james - hells yeah! I ate everything but the bones. It was wonderful.

Viejo said...

Try this site to convert to rubles and this to convert the phrases.

Unknown said...

Are you friends with Oleg Volk? I'm guessing he speaks a work or two of Russian. Perhaps he would help.

phlegmfatale said...

viejo - I'll check that out

philip - I don't know him. He takes beautiful photos, though. :)

Unknown said...

Hey, Oleg could photograph you in those shoes ...!

phlegmfatale said...

philip - I think Oleg has access to much more comely subjects than myself, but the shoes definitely bear photographing!