Sunday, March 30, 2008

Went to the Gun Show with Holly and JPG, and to everyone's delight, Bayou Renaissance Man and LawDog were along for the occasion, and they are just as entertaining and erudite in person as they are on the page. I could blather on about the occasion, but I'd never come up with so eloquent a description of the day so I'll just leave it at "Yeah! What he said."

I did get a really nice belt and a holster, so I'm all set. Oh, and there had to be conchos (the belt needed a little extra va-va-voom), so I picked a set of those, so that represents the jewelry-buying portion of the event.

I must say I was not prepared for the odd cross-section of humanity represented therein, and this has to be one of the ultimate people-watching gatherings to be found, and I'll be going to more of these.


breda said...

Oh, I'm jealous! How cool that you got to meet other bloggers! Sounds like you all had a great time.

Could we have photos of you and your snazzy new gear?

phlegmfatale said...

breda - It WAS cool - Holly is SUCH an incredible organizer, really. We had a blast.

Well, I may photograph the gear, but I HATE to be photographed myself. Yuck. I'll try and muster up the gumption one of these days, but *eek*.

J.R.Shirley said...

Hm. You met Peter?

phlegmfatale said...

j.r. shirley - I did, indeed, and a very great pleasure it was. He's incredibly refined, meek and gentle, yet a font of badassery. His stories conjure such imagery - I hope he'll publish volumes of his adventures soon in dead-tree form, as the lap-top is not bubble-bath friendly. Very cool guy.

Rabbit said...

This post is worthless without pictures.

Of course, the usual pixelation to conserve the likenesses of LD and Preacher are expected.

Glad you had such a wonderful time. You met the concho guy, huh? Amazing what can be had for as little as a buck a bangle, isn't it? I've incorporated one of his items onto my Ft. Worth Gun Leather holsters for my P220. Adds a little extra Texas Testosterone to it, not that it's needed.

Rabbit. said...

Cross section indeed...I hate going in the summer time 'cause the hills are alive with un-bathed rednecks that will absolutely knock you down with their smell! God, don't rednecks like to smell good to their women folk?! How do they ever reproduce...must be forced rape or something. Guess that's why they need guns!

phlegmfatale said...

rabbit - ah, ever the withering critic, arencha? The concho guy _I_ encountered thought considerably more of his conchos than 1$ American each. Of course, a fancy lass like myself needs alternates so I'll hope to meet your $1 guy so I can have an laternate set. I do be lovin' on the ornament action. Good golly, who knew I was at the crest of a world of new possibilities for embellishment.

mushy - OMG - you're freaking me out! Your comment deserves at least a Class II beverage alert, I think. As for rednecks smelling good for their women folk, well, there are reciprocity issues which I will not delve in to here. Suffice to say that stinking or no, I believe that their hearts will go on. said...

Eweee! I just realized the opposite issue...probably worse!

Kevin said...

Sounds like a good time - gun show excursion with a group of fine people. I have yet to go to a gun show myself...

Rabbit said...

I'd mildly considered going over there this past weekend, and, of course, missed my opportunity. Dagnabbit. I'll scrounge around and see if I picked up a card from the other concho guy and forward his info, should I have had the foresight to do so.

Sorry, but I haven't taken my Happy Pills over the weekend. It shows, doesn't it? So far today I've already made two senior administrators cry and a database admin wet himself. I'll do better, I promise.


John R said...

You went on Saturday?

Gun show in one building, Democrat convention in the other.

Quite the dichotomy of ideals there.

I was a Sunday attendee. Was busy playing Republican delegate on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

howdy phlegmfatale,
wandered over from lawdog's blog, glad to hear you got to meet the young fella in person. i'm not likely to get the chance, a thousand and some odd road miles between here and bugscuffle texas, and at my age i don't travel well anymore. glad you enjoyed your first gun show, i've made good friends at local shows, including a dealer who bought a collection for enough to help me buy my house almost 30 years ago.
best regards

Anonymous said...

Saw on LawDog's blog that you went to a gun show for the 1st time! Congrats on starting a new addiction! LOL

phlegmfatale said...

mushy - I suspect it's all equally repugnant

kevin - You really must go to one, and I had the best possible companions for the trip - at one point I was walking along thinking of all the gin-joints... I'll bet I'm walking with the most knowledgeable person under this roof. I loved it. I was lucky to go with those folks.

rabbit - i'd love that concho guy's info. Sorry you were off yer meds - that can be dangerous, obviously!

jr - I sure did. Yeah, I wondered what else was going on in the area, because it sure was crowded around there.

gunner - Yeah, I'm glad I got to meet him, too, and if you ever get the chance, don't miss it - it's a delight just to hear his voice and all those wonderful stories, plus he's a real gentleman - a rare person. Wow, that must have been some collection, if you bought a house with the proceeds!

kvegas911 - Thanks, honey! Yeah, I'm definitely going to have that on my short list of fun things to do. :)

Anonymous said...

no, it was a small collection of military arms including several maks and models of webley revolvers. it made a down payment, we'll be paying off the mortgage late next year and the missus and i are still living happily in the old place after almost 30 years.