Thursday, July 05, 2007

My dear friend Kim over at Something to Say tagged me for 7 random facts ...

1. I went to court reporting school briefly after high school.
2. I'm a night owl, and could happily sleep most of the day every day.
3. I have a green thumb but rarely have time for gardening, so my style with planting is sorta rev-it-up-and-go.
4. I've never seen an episode of Friends, and the very idea of that show makes my skin crawl.
5. No cavities - never had 'em, (hopefully) never will.
6. I don't like my sheets tucked in on the end of the bed, and I can't sleep with my feet covered, mostly.
7. I hate new country music, but I love classic country and Western Swing.

Hmmm, let's see... I'm sposta tag someone, but I generally hate tagging folks. Tell you what: if you want to answer this meme, consider yourself tagged!


Tickersoid said...

I have no idea what a court reporting school is.
I think of myself as an owl but recently I've been acting like a lark.
I am the grim reaper of plants.
If you ever decide to watch Friends, or any other sit com, never watch anything later than series three.
Well done on the cavities thing.
Ihe sheets thing indicates intelligence on the edge of insanity. Watch out for odd behaviour such as storing your own we we and believing everything is contaminated with leathal germs.
I'm alergic to old C&W music, the new stuff's OK.

My opinions are worth dog crap in a handbag.

Anonymous said...

I must have sheets tucked in and even if it is sweltering, to fall asleep at least a sheet has to be covering me - an odd cocoon fetish I suppose...

Kim Carney said...

I didnt know you went to court reporting school ...
see I learn something new every day

Hey, about those pasty white guys at the concerts ... they could be me! ;)

phlegmfatale said...

tickers - well, at least dog crap in a handbag saves one the trouble of scraping it off the floor. Well done!

leazwell - Yeah, I 'spose it's a cocoon thing. That or mummification. *sheesh*. Well, Good on you!

kim - yeah, it was very, shockingly brief. I am good at manual-dexterity things, but I'm easily distracted and bored, and could have done better, alas.
YOU could NEVER look that dorky, Kimmer. You'd be one of the coolest people there!