Saturday, July 28, 2007

Funny thing happened this week.

I went to Mama's Daughters' Diner on Irving Boulevard for lunch. As they do, they seated me at a table with 3 other people.

Everyone smiled, nodded, said hello when I sat down. It's always friendly like that there. I love it. I've been seated with Judges, police officers, lawyers, prattling office drones and more than one homeless person, I suspect.

Noticing her University of Arkansas t-shirt, I asked the young woman across from me if she went to UofA. She said no, but that she was from Arkansas. I said "so'm I. What part are you from?"

She was from Searcy. The two men next to her said "we're from Arkansas too!" Naturally, I assumed they all came together.

My favorite waitress came and took my order for fried chicken livers (don't laugh -they are sheer perfection at M's Ds'). A few minutes later, I had to laugh when two plates of livers came to the table for the Arkansas boys next to me. About that time, the woman across the table left, and a man was soon seated in her place. I asked if he was from Arkansas and informed him that he was required by law to order the chicken livers if he sat at our table.

He laughed.

We chatted, talked about property development in Dallas, how quiet Arkansas can be, and about emergency preparedness.

A short while after my livers arrived, a plate of livers arrived at the table for the new guy. Wow. I must be more persuasive than I realized.

Friday ended the week on a very good note. Things were relatively quiet, and two of my favorite residents came to see me. It's not so bad, my job, sometimes.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

your job is good... is nice, I like A

Christina RN LMT said...

Whenever my (German) Grandma made chicken, duck, or goose, she always fried up the liver and heart with apples and onions, mmmm...good.
It never tastes the same when I make something like that!
Just like fruit isn't as tasty as it was when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

I like fried chcken livers but prefer fried gizzards...years since I have had either.

Tickersoid said...

If a grey haired guy from Arkansas claims to have been an ex president, don't go under the table.

I once tried chicken livers when a friend was making stock from chicken giblets. He was going to chuck away the internal organs. I figured they had to be edible and scoffed the lot including the heart.

phlegmfatale said...

Sis - OK, it's not SO bad. I'm just ready to do something else.

christina - No one ever cooks things as well as your gran. You made me want to eat a plate of her cooking.

leazwell - I don't think I've ever eaten gizzards - are they tough?

tickers - *L* Trust me, I won't!
Well done, you! Tough guy.

Anonymous said...

They are a bit tough but tasty.

HollyB said...

YUM, fried Chicken Livers...long time since I had any. Too long. I love eatin' 'em. but I hate cookin' 'em.
I'm glad you had such a nice lunch. And I'm w/ Tickersold ... don't go under the table if your seated with ANY politicians.

phlegmfatale said...

leazwell - ok, cool - I'll try one if the opportunity ever comes up

hollyb - You'll have to go to MDs' with me sometime. Theirs are the best I've ever had. No problem on the politician score - I'll be watching them like a hawk. However, around one of those critters, my wallet will be in more danger than will my fair person.