Sunday, July 01, 2007


I just finished an online course I have to complete before the r. e. officials will turn me loose on an unsuspecting public. They told me this online course would take about 30 minutes. I'm pretty fast at that sort of thing, and I clocked exactly 1.5 hours. Still, I'm glad it's done. Huzzah.

I checked into ordering my own custom floaty pen as a promotional thing to give to people who come to open houses, etc. I've got an incredible little design in mind, so I talked to the contacts for Eskesen, the Danish company that has been making floaties for the past 70 years. I collect floaties and I was pre-ordained from birth to have a series of my very own floaties. I'm ready to fulfill my floaty destiny.

You know how you pay about $3 for a floaty in a tourist-trap place? Well, not including the artwork, for me to have custom floaties done, I have to order 500 of them, and they'll come in at $3.15 each. I thought it was curious that buying in bulk didn't net me some kind of break, but oh well. I did order a small promotional item with another vendor, and he's going to try to contact Eskesen for me and see if he can't wrangle me a better deal. The bottom line is that I'll pay whatever I have to. Needs must.

Since I'm respectful of what my new office-mates might think, I did nix the idea of having a trailer home in the center of the foreground, and on the left side, a garden gnome would slide from far left to behind the trailer, and out the other side would emerge a strutting flock of flamingos. Alas. Maybe for my next floaty once I've already earned the respect of my colleagues. *sigh*

It would also be funny to have a hausfrau with a rolling pin - mid-run - slide behind the trailer and a running man sliding out the other side, him in boxer shorts, a wife-beater, dress socks and wrong shoes. *fun*

Oh, what? I'm supposed to be selling houses. Oops.


Anonymous said...

It would be fun to have a tornado chasing the trailer. A

phlegmfatale said...

Sis - you are clearly the smart one in the family. You should be blogging.

phlegmfatale said...

Then again, we ARE trying to promote confidence in the housing market, not emphasize that all this history could be blown away in a breath of dust.

Anonymous said...

I'll start selling storm shelters and you can push em on your public with the tornado destroys domicile floaty pen. But I suppose the caliber of home you'll be selling never gets direct hits. A

FHB said...

Hilarious. I always LOVED those floaty pens. Haven't seen one in ages.

Anonymous said...

I MUST have one!


Lin said...

I LOVE those old floaty pens, too! I had one with a 40s sedan in it, was wonderful! It must be the initial mold and screening set-up that's killing you on the price per. Maybe re-orders will be cheaper and I know you will have re-orders because you're going to kick butt in RE. Our favorite RE ladies always had no B.S. personalities like yours.

phlegmfatale said...

sis - you never know...

fhb - yeah, they rock

rabbit - when they go into production, I'll announce it and you can email me and I'll send ya one.

lin - that sounds fabulous, the sedan pen. I have about 200, but I've slowed down on my collecting in recent years.
Thanks for the complement, I do have an easy, instant rapport with most people, and I have extensive knowledge of the area of town my group specializes in. Aw shucks, that's the first time I've been called no-b.s. today! WOOHOO! Thanks. I hope I can genuninely help people and that they'll be repeat customers.