Saturday, July 21, 2007

I generally dismiss dreams as so much random twaddle from recent events deconstructed and reconstituted into a big meatball of unrelated bits. I don't believe dreams predict the future or tell you anything about anyone else.

What I am wondering is how much a dream can tell a person about himself. I mean, do dreams tell us things our conscious mind has been unable/unwilling to grasp? Is there really such thing as a subconscious mind, or is it just a convenient excuse to beat a murder rap? Are our perceptions shaped by our dreams, or are our dreams shaped by our perceptions?


We live as we dream - alone. Joseph Conrad


Anonymous said...

Ah, Conrad. I know you could care less but I did my freshman lit papers on him. And I don't know about dreams. For years, I never remembered any dreams. Ever. The last several months I've been remembering some weird shit. Can you say stress induced?

Kevin said...

I think dreams can definitely be shaped by our prescriptions...

Anonymous said...

I think our brain tries to get rid of all the bullshit we stow away through dreams. I also think that when things bother us dreams help sort out problems. Just my opinion.

Christina RN LMT said...

Well, elephant-polo dreams notwithstanding, I generally think we process things while we sleep that we don't have time for while awake.
I have dreamed entire plots of fantasy/sci-fi novels, if only I had any talent at writing, I'd be set!
Also, at a very young age (six)I started having extremely vivid flying dreams.
I feel sad and somehow cheated now that I've stopped having them.

Lin said...

I tend to go along with Lainy's thoughts here. I do think that the subconscious is like some demented file clerk of a different language who obsessively sorts and files through dreams. A pizza loaded with green peppers and spicy mystery meat will really get the subconscious filer nattering in weird symbols.
Some claim to have prophetic dreams and some might; my old neighbor's kid ran over when he heard that I had a nearly lethal wood shop accident. He claimed that he had just seen me in a dream with a glowing aura and that every time he dreamed this, the person died shortly thereafter. Doh well ... guess I blew his prophecy streak.

Anonymous said...

Since changing meds some months ago, my dreams got a lot 'better', so to speak.

Mostly, they involve bringing unspeakable harm to people who really, really deserve it. Yes, I do sleep very well at night. Well, for those 3 hours that I do sleep, anyway. I'm of the opinion that I rather enjoy my dreams.

Interestingly enough, I'm excptionally calm and peaceful during my waking always.


Flo said...

I want what Rabbit's having!

Anonymous said...

!git yer own 'script!


I get cranky without mine. Just ask the dogs.


Unknown said...

I think it's a bit of both. When I'm fairly crazed and stressed, my dreams tend to reflect that. Or sometimes I'm debating something in my consciousness and the "answer" will come to me in my dream.