Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gratuitous gun lyric of the week from the Hank Dogs' 1999 cd, sung by a then-teenaged girl:

Poor little house in the country,
with 18 dogs and an M16 for company.
cowboys comin' over the horizon
they'll be lookin for some hospitality.

Come on in boys the door is wide open
but I'll warn you my dogs were born to win
and I'll take the greastest of pleasure
in watchin' you torn limb from limb.

I love this song, but it's obscure enough that I couldn't even find it on YouTube. Actually, I suppose it's more a rabid-dog song than gunny. Whatever it is, I still like it.
bow wow.
Saturday I went shopping with Kelly. We went to Williams-Sonoma and oohed and aahed over their expensive foodie wares. I confess I have an All-Clad fetish. Yes, it's crossed over from mere preference or even addiction. The truth is that well-made, quality cookwear never wears out. Hopefully one day, the offspring of a sibling will appreciate what treasures are stored in my kitchen cupboards after I sashay off this mortal curdle. Either that, or it'll be one heckuva foodie estate sale. Anyhoo. In the meantime, I have my precious All-Clad to keep me warm.

We ended up at an Asian supermarket. I have a pretty good grip on not allowing odd smells to revile me in some way, but near the meat and fish in this market was a righteous rolling funk that made me regret my previous several meals. No, I didn't gag, but I did breathe in a shallow manner without even planning to. I needed to cough at one point, and lacked the mental fortitude I would have required to make a deep intake of breath and then haul off and cough. Yes, I suppressed the cough. Even Kelly mentioned it was particularly funky. Still, it was fun and interesting. These days, you can pay .50 or more for regular limes in the grocers', but this place had them 10/$1.00. Not bad.

They had fish sitting around in styrofoam tubs on ice. but I think it wasn't the fresh fish what were reeking. Oh, and you can get a pack of 8 duck heads for $1.52. The duck heads seemed all the more disturbing because they'd obviously been boiled, and were monotone - the duckbills being the same liver-paste color as the skin of the head, etc. I love eating the heads of small fried Japanese snapper and in the proper context I'll eat anchovies, sardines, etc., but I sorta don't get eating the land/air animal bits with the faces. That's just waaaay too thrifty for this old gal. I'd be ok with my dog eating it, though.

We also hit Central Market, and we combed through the aisles looking at exotic honey, butter and cheeses. They had some strange promotion going on, and there were men running around in pirate drag, occasionally yelling "Arrrrr!" Kelly gave them her best misanthropic "WTF?" look, while I no doubt had the mesmerized look of a 2 year old at a balloon farm. goo goo gaa gaa.

Good times.


Lin said...

Great, you got me thinking about all my Guardian Ware I lost in the move. I was able to save maybe one third of it but it is still buried in the moving trailer. No rush now, I guess, since the rat trailer kitchen holds like maybe four pans on a good day. It can be amazing what you don't end up slashing your wrists over in the end.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You can certainly find some funky aromas in asian markets. My colleague brings some unique items for lunch on a regular basis. There are a couple of things than make me leave the room on errands.

Unknown said...

I have issues with looking at the eyes of something I'm going to eat.