Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey! Your banana and your chocolate are in my peanut butter!
Hey! Your peanut butter and your banana are on my chocolate!
Hey! Your peanut butter and your chocolate are on my banana!

Elvis died 30 years ago on August 17, 1977. This date also happened to be the birthday of Sean Penn and the day after Madonna's birthday. My theory is that as Sean and Madonna reached the full flower (?) of adulthood, the mighty Elvisness could no longer abide existence on the same plane with such a vortex of evil, and he did the gentlemanly thing and bowed out, albeit from the perch of his throne.*

Anyhoo, Reese's and whoever-owns-Elvis'-image (thank you, Lisa Marie) thought a commemorative Limited Edition Banana Creme Reese's Peanut Butter Cup would be a fitting tribute.

I'm just waiting for the state fair where someone will batter and deep fry one of these little deadlies. Now THAT will be a greasy confection fit for the King.

Uh-uh huh!
Thank you very much.

*elvis died on the potty

Sorry, but I had to include this photo of the Mad One getting high on her own armpit vapors.
Guess what? I'm gonna roll 50,000 today. WOOHOO!
I started this blog in 2002, but only fired up a counter sometime last year. So, anyway, thanks for encouraging my bad behavior this past year, all you sexy, sexy people! And thanks to the not-sexy people, too.


The Alchemist said...


These are a joy. My friend has one that we shoot at the range from time to time.

Hair trigger though....

phlegmfatale said...

You mean the 1911, karl?
Yeah, they are pretty sweet. I 'spose so long as you KNOW you have a hair trigger, it's ok.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd help you hit that 50,000 mark.

Mad is really stuck on herself, huh?

Ambulance Driver said...

Be sure to tell #50,000 thank yew, thank yew verra mush....;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Banana? That is just SO wrong!

Madonna sure does seem to like her new deodorant though, hahhaha!

Anonymous said...

August 17 ain't all bad. Mrs Myron came into this world a few Aug 17's ago. And I'm damn glad she did.

Now, do you like you nanner mashed up in the pb or sliced and layed out on top of it?

And happy 50,000.

phlegmfatale said...

lainy - yeah, she's totally hung up

ambulance driver - Indeedy!

barbara - rilly? You've never tried it? THAT is the only way I like a peanut butter sammy, hold the jelly, please.

myron - it wasn't a statement on the date - just on the gruesome twosome and how it was like oil/vinegar with the Elvis

Kevin said...

Congrats on the 50K, ma'am!

Christina RN LMT said...

I don't think she's getting high...I think she's about to pass out from the ODOR!
Or else she's amazed, yet again, what a difference it makes to actually SHAVE.

Anonymous said...

I like pb&b sandwiches but NOT fried, definitely not fried. Sounds revolting like funnel cakes...I've never had either and don't hope to. Yuck, nasty.

Joe said...

1. I want one of those bana reeses
2. Congrats on 50k, I should hit it next week
3 I am coming to Texas next week.

Lin said...

Congrats on 50K, keep it up! I'll be here to hold your coat and egg you on, no problem.

Anonymous said...

I know phlegmmy. Just had to mention the good thing in my life from Aug 17. But you're right about the crap that happened. But you didn't say if you like your nanner smashed or sliced? Inquiring minds need to know LOL

phlegmfatale said...

kevin - Thank you kindly, sir!

christina - For real!

leazwell - I like them, but haven't had one fried - suspect I would like it, though. I also like Funnel cakes. guilty pleasure, super-rare once-in-a-blue-moon style. You don't know what you're missing.

hoosier boy -
1.I'll git one fer ya
2. thanks & congrats yourself!
3. When you're in Texas, let me know if you come to Dallas!

FatQuarterQuiltFarm said...

Hey thanks so much for including us not-sexy types! I've been lurking due to problems with Blogger but now I'm baaaaack!! You ready to be quilted yet?Please come see my "girls" and congrats on the big 50 thou thang!! Always here to support bad girl behavior!!!

phlegmfatale said...

Oh, hell, schnoobaroobie - I think you're sexy!

Yeah, I'm ready for you to quilt my quilt top. I'll come on over to your blog. So glad you're back!

Sheila said...

Are those Banana Reeses out yet? Cuz, I'm gunna have to try one, I think.

phlegmfatale said...

lin - egg away, darling!

myron - I prefer mine sliced long-ways. I find the slippery texture a nice foil for the glutenous engine-clogging factor of the peanut-butter. Mushed up just sounds revolting to me. How do you like them?

Sheila - Yes, I bought one and today I ate it. It was actually really good.

Anonymous said...

Smashed, sliced or diced. As long as they're ripe. I hate it when every banana in the produce section is greener'n gourd guts.

FHB said...

50,000? Jesus, I'm just a piker. Congrats babe.

Tickersoid said...

If they market that in Scotland, it'll be deep fried in batter in every chip shop in Glasgow, before you can say, "See you Jimmy!"

phlegmfatale said...

myron - yeah, that DOES suck, 'specially when you were about to make a banana puddin', or some such.

fhb - *L* You'll be coming along any minute.

tickersoid - Yeah, they need to make the most of that massive marketing opportunity. I do expect they'll be deep-fried at the State Fair.