Thursday, February 22, 2007

You know, it's so funny when someone you used to see on a regular basis pops up in some other context. Maybe it's a girl you see waiting tables that you run into in a restaurant. Maybe it's someone you used to work with.

I watched someone on television every week for the past few weeks with a nagging familiarity, and I finally realized who he was. When I was at music school in the late 90s, one of the current American Idol contestants was studying music at the same time. However, back then, Brandon Rogers seemed like just a kid, and of course now he's a man - hence my slowness to register familiarity. Remarkably talented, yes, but then again, in such an intensely competitive environment as a top-flight music school, there are lots of talented kids to go around. Brandon's not just a good singer, though - he's a masterful pianist, capable of flowing from gospel-style keyboards - to improvisational reverie and then into ragtime. Brandon's voice and his singing are superb - I think he'll outlast almost all the other men on the show.

I love Chris Sligh, and I think he could pull off an upset just on personality and poor song choices on the part of other singers, which is rather unlikely. No question in my mind - the top two will be Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones. Actually, the thing I find superb about Chris, Brandon and these two women is they are not sparkly-eyed ding-dongs who are all "golly-gee" about the competition - they are all rather low-key in demeanor, actually. Refreshing.

Tonight was my first showing of a house for sale. Not as realtor, but it made a nice trial run. Guess what? I don't think they're gonna buy the house. This was a learning experience, for sure. I learned I need to get the specs on warranties and that sort of thing before I show a property. Strangely, though, I didn't feel nervous. I guess I've shown so many apartments (some with dead fish!) that I'm unflappable. I also know not to take it personally if they don't like it, though the criticisms be withering. I thought they hated it immediately, but they ended up staying and looking for about 50 minutes. It wasn't so bad, but I kept noticing little flaws that need to be tweaked, and I felt like I was sitting down to dinner with company when I noticed the panties on the lampshade across the room. I wasn't sure if I should point out all these flaws and say "this will be fixed prior to closing" or just pretend I didn't see them. I guess I need to figure out what's the best way to do that balancing act, because I want people to know what they are getting in advance, and not feel surprised down the road...


Darkmind said...

Okay it just hit me...$6.99 PER POUND FOR A TOMATO!! I'm in the wrong business. I need to go sell tomaters in Texas! They are like $0.69 cents a pound here in GA, but I guess they grow a little better in our soil...

G Bro said...

I've only had one realtor experience in my sheltered life, and she's a doll! She worked really hard for us, including shaking her head when she didn't think the block was safe enough (Montrose kind of varies block by block), showing up at all hours to work on offers, calling from vacation in Portland. She's still working hard, although she's close to 70. Hannah Storm is her daughter.

HollyB said...

That is way cool that a former university mate is now on National Competition. And others are making Carnegie debuts. I know how proud I was when UH classmates {Robert Wuhl, Dennis Quaid, Cindy Pickett} made it into movies or onto TV.
As for the selling...Darlin Girl, you have the personality to sell ice cubes to Eskimos, no worries there.
And, before I forget, like I did the other day...I once got to the checkout with some mis-marked 'shrooms. They were going to charge me $40 for 8oz. I asked for a price check or some dahm fine visions.

Tickersoid said...

When selling houses it's amazing how much you can get away with. Try draping a coat or towl over defect. Once the buyer gets it into their head they want it, the surveyor isn't going to put them off.

FHB said...

What she said. Sounds like you've had the perfect prep for the sellin' gig.

Anonymous said...

Be careful how you represent a property, kiddo. As I recall from when I had my license in'94-'95, the Realtor works for the seller unless you and the buyer sign a buyers rep dealio and the seller is ok with that.

And tickersoid, hiding defects is a good way to get in big trouble. Maybe the buyers are in love with the property and the inspector can't sway them. But after they move in and the cold hard reality of the mortgage sets in and they start finding things it can get very, very interesting.

phlegmfatale said...

darkmind - I 'spose growing 'maters is nice work if you can get it!

g bro - I suppose when you find a good one, you prefer to stick with them!

hollyb - That's funny! I love when there's some embarrassingly huge error on the ticket and the person insists _I_ must be mistaken. Score one for Holly and the cause of justice!

Oooh, tickersoid - that way lies madness, or at least the loss of real estate license, in Texas. I'd prefer to point out the flaws myself and ensure they are aware of everything. In fact, I'd rather not make a sale at all than to make a sale on a false premise - I'd feel guilty, honestly. I think I recognize my talent is for helping people find a space they feel they can connect with and feel at home in - actually, that gives me a thrill, because your home space has a lot to do with your outlook on life.

fathairybastard - I'm amazed how like the apartment leasing it is, but the stakes are higher, and I want people to feel good about the transaction, ultimately.

myron - Trust me - I'm going to be super-careful - disclosure & everything - Like I said, I'd rather not sell a stick of timber than to mis-represent something - the guilt would bother me more than I could stand... but thanks for the advice - one can't be too careful, and my ultimate goal is that every person who buys a house through me will call me when they want to sell and/or buy another. I think if I'm honest, decent and fair to people, they will want to come back to me later.

Anonymous said...

"my ultimate goal is that every person who buys a house through me will call me when they want to sell and/or buy another."

That's the way to do it. Plus, they will tell their friends about the experience. and you would rather them be telling what a great Realtor you are than what a scuzbag.

FHB said...

The next Ebby Haliday.

Tickersoid said...

Hmmm, I think the laws are different over here.

LJ said...

"I felt like I was sitting down to dinner with company when I noticed the panties on the lampshade across the room."
I wait for these, you know. Still laughing.

Anonymous said...

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