Thursday, February 08, 2007

...and the hits keep coming. Shaved Poodles! Ugly Hair colors! Name-dropper alert

I've just learned my friend Takesha Kizart is going to star in the title role of Puccini's Tosca with the Dallas Opera. Dunno if this is the upcoming season or the following, but it's kinda neat. She's a magnificent soprano, and this is one of the ultimate roles of the entire Operatic repertoire. I'll never forget the first time I heard her sing at school - she set spinning the wigs of a few old queens on the faculty - what a hoot.

I'm feeling horribly conflicted because remember how excited I've been about seeing Leslie & the Lys the weekend of May 2? Well, that happens to be the date of my friend Latonia Moore's debut recital at Carnegie Hall. I'd really really rilly love to go see Latonia's debut, but, I dunno. I'm so busy and stressed out. Maybe if I can cop a great deal on airfare from Priceline or something. She's the second friend from music school to debut at Carnegie Hall. My other friend was South African pianist Petronel Malan, but I didn't get to go see her debut, either. This cd of Petronel's was nominated for a couple grammys. She's lately released a cd of Transfigured Mozart which sounds delish-- give it a listen. Here is a link to a 2003 Mahler 2nd Symphony which features Latonia. You have to poke around in this to find her, but it's totally worf it - she is a magnificent soprano.

Superb musicians, all.

Why are they at Cargnegie Hall and not you, Phlegmmy?

Because they practiced, practiced practiced. I practiced, but perhaps "thank you to the academy" speeches in the bathroom mirror don't count. As Tam would say: *le sigh*

I'm not feeling bummed or anything, but I had my hir did on Monday night, and although I'm not beyond vibrant, bracing hair color, I rather aspire to stick with human hair colors found in nature. I feared the purple foam on my colorist's gloves Monday was the portent of evil. [Steer clear of a colorist on Vicodin, boys and goils] Yes, this is a hair color possibly found in nature -- I'm calling it black cherry -- but the bit of nature I'd guess it was found on would be the ass-end of an orangutan outcast from polite orangutan society for hygienic disquietude and crimes against etiquette. I'm just saying. For once, I'm longing for the fade-out and the defiant sproing! of those wily silver hairs. They'll be back before I know it anyway, and they'll have friends in tow for a sizable gathering, no doubt.

I kept looking at a woman in my Real Estate class last weekend whose hair was a sort of pinky-purple puce, and--I suspect-- not intentionally so. It was a fade-out, and she wasn't the punk-rock type, by a long shot. I felt sorry for her, like I needed to go up to her and be super-nice. Poor little stray lamb. It was funny how most among the 50 people they gathered in clutches and found their little tribes. People of all ages and ethnic groups. A few hip hop types found each other. A couple hot chicks had the gooberoid spotty hopeless white males in the room clamoring for their favor. It bears repeating: hopeless. Then, like a blinding pair of headlights in the road ahead were the lily-white pair of alpha-males, clinging together for warmth in a sea of oddities and not-the-usual-situation-in-which-they-were-firmly-in-control. I sat at the back and watched everyone else checking everyone else out - humans. We are ridiculous creatures.


Kim Carney said...

Now let's be a little more kind to those 50 year olds with funky colored hair ;)

I just listend to the amazon snippets, love the
First Movement (English Horn), did you buy this one? I might be compelled. I was listening to opera at work today and thinking of you! But why is it, that I hardly ever put my ear phones in at work and when I do, everyone and their small dog comes up and pokes me on the back!

So I feel sorry for the lunatic astronut with the diapers. You know I can completely understand how someone can get so obsessed and humilated to do harm to someone else ! but to wear diapers in the car and piss on yourself...that defies reason .... go read ... live gives you lemons...just wrote about asshole men and how to get rid of them ;) well, not really, but at least fantasize about it... sorry, i was going to call you this weekend but things got a little out of control ;) as usual ;) love you! YOU are my favorite opera singer ;)

G Bro said...

We need to see this hair! Photo

HollyB said...

Oh, Poor Baby. I think my blog today shall be about Adventures in Hair coloring!

Anonymous said...

Kim inspires me to tell you, once on a long road trip with infant daughter, I tried to use a diaper instead of stopping and waking her up to pee. Lets just say diapers might not hold as much as you think. Love A

Meg said...

Hip Hop Type Real Estate Agents. Hummm.... I suppose they can sell to Hip Hop Type buyers. I'm just trying to picture it... That's all.