Thursday, February 08, 2007

George W. Bush had it all wrong about Nancy Pelosi: she wasn't measuring for curtains in the Speaker's office, she was measuring for curtains in her taxpayer-provided personal private military jet. What a pompous ass!

What I wonder is why someone in the Hollywood community doesn't simply provide her one? After all, she's their guy. The most hilarious bit of flak I've seen in the media on this was when someone referred to her requested aircraft as a "flying Lincoln bedroom." tee hee.


Anonymous said...

But Hastert did it. Oh, wait. Not until after 9/11. And he used a "commuter type Air Force plane. Did you see this in the Washington Times?

The defense source, who asked not to be named, termed her request "carte blanche," saying she wanted a plane that could carry an entourage just like President Bush, who flies on Air Force One, and Vice President Dick Cheney, who also always flies on military planes.

Maybe a little envy going on there, Madam Speaker?

Zelda said...

Why can't these fuckers take commercial flights like everyone else? I mean we're paying for it.

Anonymous said...

So, how do you think she and Hillarity will get on?

FHB said...

Love all the hoopla. Love it.