Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friday night in a zombie haze playing internet backgammon, I foolishly stayed awake until 1am.

After 30 minutes of the siren song of my alarm clock, I finally crawled, slug-like, from the morass of bedcovers and pillows.

Saturday sunrise I drove to school. Cruising past downtown, my chariot flicked in and out of the shadows cast by skyscrapers, and the blazing vibrance of morning took on a strobe effect to my tired eyes. Lovely.

Class was great - I had a different teacher today - a fantastic teacher, for a change. He was clever yet kept information moving at a hearty clip with a minimum of editorial comment. Hallelujah! I can say I have no idea of his political persuasion, for a change. I didn't arrive early so I didn't secure my usual lurker spot on the back row. A front row was empty, so I flounced to the front of the room and announced that I intended to suck up to the teacher. He laughed heartily and I knew this session would not be the solipsistic wank-fest for an egomaniacal instructor like the last 4 sessions I'd attended.

After class I was driving home and approached downtown from the west. In the east the horizon was lilac and the towers of Reunion hotel downtown blazed like stacks of fiery ingots, along with every western-facing window downtown. The sight was spectacular, breathtaking. I wish I could have shown you.


G Bro said...

Gee, I never had any sassy students make any pronouncements in class like that. Of course, it was engineering school. The women tended not to flounce much.

HollyB said...

I felt like I should have been kneeling and bowing reading your incredibly beautiful description of downtown D in that last paragraph, Ma'am.
"I'm not worthy"

FHB said...

Sheesh. You make saturday classes sound so sexy.

Anonymous said...


my motto!