Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For some reason, I'm apparently not meant to get enough sleep these days.

When I awoke at 6am on Sunday to run off to my class, I set my alarm clock forward two hours to ring at 8 when I HAD to get up on Monday. I went to bed Sunday night knowing I'd already set it for 8. In the blackness of Monday morning, the alarm starts shrieking over on the other side of the room (where it has to be so I'll get up, since I can hit snooze & nap for about 4 hours if it's convenient) I saw it was 6 am. Who knows what happened to me re-setting it? harumph.

Monday night I watched a DVR episode of Midsomer Murders, a mystery show from England, and started really conking out at 11:00 pm. I sort of dozed through the last 15 minutes and woke up to see who done it, then crawled off to bed. I was almost gleeful - finally, I'll get a full night of sleep - I'll probably get out of bed 15 minutes before the alarm clock! Wouldn't you know it?! I woke up about 3 and was in and out of sleep for several hours. I don't get it... Sleep.

After what seemed a record spate of consistently cold weather, it's finally getting to what we usually have half the winter here in Dallas - somewhere around the 60 degree mark. Actually, I'm wearing sandals today. I am enjoying a happy convergence of good weather concomitant with my polished toenails for once not looking all chippy as though I've been chewing on them.

Roll over, Zapruder!
I've been watching the local news on television of late. Last night it paid off with big belly laughs. Some geezer, bless his heart, from Gladewater (East of Dallas) realized he had footage of the Kennedy motorcade that fateful day in 1963. The footage is very crisp-- is actually gorgeous, the best I've seen of that day. It's incredible to see that oh-so-familiar view up Elm street, some of the same buildings extant. The crowd is ebullient - Texas was Democrat country back then - and here was the lovely couple that embodied what we as a nation were about, to their way of thinking. Anyway, the cameraman's son learned of the film recently and realized how historically significant this film was, and he negotiated with the Sixth Floor Museum to donate the film for distribution. In the interview, I giggled at the elderly gentleman's "Golly-gee" attitude that he never thought anyone would be interested in his mere little film. I thought it an ironic contrast to the over-packaged, overly documented lives of folk today. These days, one is apt to miss filming important events because they instead have the camera trained on the belching frat boy or the oblivious nose-picker.


Darkmind said...

I have had sleep issues for a very long time. I understand what you are going through. I guess my only advice is that eventually, you will get used to the sleep deprevation, but it might take you a while to get used to the accompanying hallucinations! BWA HA HA HA!! I did something unusual and wrote a blog about what I saw on TV. I think you'll dig it, since you oft write of celebrity gossip.

FHB said...

That's a cool little snip of film, from just before the world changed. She looks amazingly hot in that now infamous pink outfit.

phlegmfatale said...

darkmind - Well, I've had protracted periods of just 2-5 hours' sleep per night, but in the last couple years, it's regulated somewhat and been more regular. You're right, though - it's crazy-making - I've seen some strange things only to take a second look and see my eyes deceived me the first time. I'll hop over to your blog soon. Sorry I've not been around recently, but I've been neglecting my blog rounds atrociously and probably will continue to do so until I get out of my training at the end of March. Ugh. But, the end is in sight, at least. I haven't even been able to keep up with responding to comments in my own blog. Must improve this!

fathairybastard - yeah, Jackie looks delighted and even girlish in that film. Of course, I think she WAS pretty young at the time. Sad, but lovely to see, nonetheless.