Friday, February 23, 2007

I know it's open-season on Britney, and I'm not adding to the dogpile. I just want to quote myself from my June 19 post last year:

She's gonna crash and burn and if she lives long enough, the come-clean tell-all
when she's trying to re-launch her career as an old sad half-used-up has-been at
the age of 30 is going to be super ugly. I'm feeling sadder for her by the

When I said "if she lives long enough," I didn't genuinely believe she would die before 30. I've heard people recently say they think Britney was jealous of the press Anna-Nicole's death was getting. My dad thinks she's acting like she's on crack.

Whatever it is, I feel badly for her. I can understand the bird-flipping metaphor of shaving all her hair off, but she's acting out in a very bad, very public way. I never understood that malarkey about trashing someone else's stuff just because you broke up with them - my feeling is that someone condemned to a life void of my glorious person will be suffering enough. Then there's that bit about living well is the best revenge...

Last night on the phone I asked dad what he thought of the Britney thing, and he said "I'm disappointed - I've gone a whole week without hearing what's going on with the love-struck astronaut."

My dad can always cut to the meat of the matter.

We chatted about Paris Hilton & the trend of young starlets/media whores flashing their pudendae at the waiting photographers. I said I hoped that they didn't get too close to Paris, or a herpe might have jumped onto them.

Dad then asked if I heard of that new disease they discovered called Twerpes. I said no. He said birds get it and it doesn't kill them, but their little peckers fall off.

Thanks dad. Although end-of-the-week is a term that has lost any significance for me, I hope all of y'all have a great Friday and weekend.


FHB said...

I blurted out to one of my classes today that one day, when I'm made theocratic pontiff of the world, I'll get rid of all this tabloid crap. No American Idol and court TV. Nothing but C-Span, PBS and the History channel. And half the shit on the history channel (the crap they put on about the Da Vinci Code and UFOs) will be banned. Sick to death of tabloid crap 24-7. They giggled when I dropped the "S" bomb. Went on to make predictions about certain areas of the world being turned to glass. They laughed, maybe a bit nervously. What the hell. It's Friday.

Twisted Lady said...


What a great dad...

And man, wtf Britney?