Friday, February 02, 2007

In honor of the French ban on Smoking

To kick off their campaign to stop global warming, the French have banned lighting up in public.

Here's a golden chestnut from the one and only John Waters. I'll never forget the revelatory moment I saw this clip for the first time at the Inwood theatre at the world premiere of Basket Case II. What was forgettable was the film that was premiering that evening - it was either Basket Case II or Frankenhooker. I didn't keep careful notes, alas.


Anonymous said...

Some dumbass legislator from Houston wants to pass a state wide ban here in Texas. Hear about that?

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

Ah, just another thing to ad in my growing list entitled "Why The French Suck"

phlegmfatale said...

No, - I sure didn't. What a road of clap.

ranger tom - It DOES suck.

G Bro said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, evil anti-smokers, blah, blah, blah. The real question is, what was a fragile flower like you doing at the Inwood watching Basket Case II or Frankenhooker? I looked them up - both products of the great Frank Henenlotter. He got as far as Basket Case 3 and apparently gave it up. That John Waters clip is an absolute classic.

HollyB said...

I can't believe how many Nicotine Nazis there are! I am quitting and I promise, RIGHT NOW, I will NOT become one of those holier than thou reformed smokers who tries to convert every smoker she sees.
It's a very personal decision. And it's a harder addiction to break than crack or smack!

Also what's WRONG with lighting up outFREAKINside? The wind will carry the smoke away. The tobacco ash and leftover tobacco are fertilizer and the filter and paper, if you field strip them, become nesting material for birds!
So GET OFF their smoking backs already.

Maven said...

Speaking of ciggies, have you seen THIS?