Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday night I went to an awards/recognition event sponsored by Preservation Dallas at the Adolphus Hotel downtown on Commerce street. This was a swell bunch of swells.

But here's the deal: event description dictated "business casual" attire. I take this to mean dressy, serious garments that one might wear to a business meeting or to a coctail party after work. I arrived in my business-casual attire to find a ballroom-full of ladies in evening wear. Seriously. I mean, I HAVE that dressy shit to wear, if only I'd'a knowed.

As it was, I wore a divine ivory Dana Buchman woven-crepe top and a $340 Dana Buchman skirt. (OK, so I got the skirt marked down for $58. I still have the tag that says $340, so whatever!) Anyway, I was wearing nice clothing, but my ensemble fairly bleated "daywear!" and "springtime!" Almost all the other women were totally in black. I knew I was in trouble when I followed the comely young naif up the stairs as I puzzled over her red silk satin gown with the muffin-top-panty-action. Two words on foundation garments for the ladies: get and some.

The new mayor of Dallas was there, as were other local luminaries, and I was on somewhat good behavior. At the cocktail reception before seating for dinner, I kept going to one bartender and topping off my sparkling water. He said "you don't want some wine?" I said "nah, I'm afraid my urge to get up on the table and dance might get the best of me if I start drinking now." He said "you should do that anyway." I said "well, only if I can keep my spurs on" and he said "I insist, pretty lady!" I think he was one of the more clever people there, just between you and me.

Still, it was an enjoyable event, and I've always loved the architecture here and there around Dallas, and it's nice to know there's an organization that celebrates the unique flavor of our city.

Ugh. Up at 6am for school, a teeny little 5 hours from now. Say it ain't so...


Mauser*Girl said...

Don't feel bad about being "under-dressed", as it were.

Shortly after we moved here, we had to go to an Army Birthday party. The dress code was "business casual", so I wore a very nice pair of pin-striped slacks and a silk blouse. Imagine my surprise when everyone else was in ball gowns. EEEK.

The year after that, I knew better. ;) And wore a gorgeous black, backless gown. It required me to wear a roll of duckt-tape as a bra which was painful and uncomfortable, but I looked GOOD.

LJ said...

You know what? Often the bartender is the most intelligent person at big social gatherings. At least they're often good with snappy dialogue.

HollyB said...

YOU were dressed appropriately, my dear. If they were OVER-dressed, that is their problem. The event description specified "Business casual" and you wore that! If they are SOOO ignorant that they defy social convention or simply are NOT invited to enough occasions to parade their finery...pity them.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you're gonna have your picture in D Magazine along with all the other swells? Which new mayor are you talking about? Laura isn't *that* new.

I loved the Adolphus. Used to stay there a bit after it was renovated years ago, when the Fairmont was booked up.

Probably best you didn't table dance. Spurs are hell on the wood finish.


G Bro said...

I took a look a the Dana Buchman "resort" collection. Pretty sedate and reasonably dressy. Those other people were just too afraid to pick out their own clothes.