Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wow, things have been so hectic and there's been lots of stress lately. What is in the air this year??? 3 friends have had appendicitis, several people I know very well and love have died, and it seems like things keep popping up to thwart my natural tendency toward light-heartedness. Still, I'll keep fighting through it. I'm a flamboyant weirdo--I admit that--but please don't think I'm a drama queen and thriving on all this upheaval. I'm still looking for the laugh in every silver cloud.

I found out Thursday a very dear family friend died suddenly in his sleep Wed night/Thu morning, so I'm driving up to Oklahoma with me mum Saturday morning for the funeral. He wasn't a young man, but he wasn't that old either--maybe 70ish-- and I thought I'd see him again. He was a delightful human being and I'll always remember him warmly. He was a Southern(US) Irish-type tenor, and once we sang a duet together(I'll Fly Away), he on melody and me on harmony - it was one of my favorite times singing in public. I'm going to treasure that memory as long as I live.

Anyway, we'll drive to the town a ways south of Oklahoma City and then drive back after the service. I expect I'll get some fabulous photos in OK, at least I hope so. Not that we ever run out of stuff to talk about, but I brought David Sedaris' book Dress your Family in Corduroy on tape to listen to - those stories are a scream. I love hearing him talking about his ultra off-kilter family. The best stories about his family are about his parents in Me Talk Pretty One Day. I don't know - maybe this is a peculiar inclination -- but I find it oddly comforting that there are people out there with such kooky tendencies - it makes me feel a trifle more normal.

I haven't resorted to blogging at work, but I'm having difficulty staying focused and on-task lately at my job. My favorite resident came in today and she and I had a gab-fest that was just out-of-control - I'll bet we talked about 30 minutes without drawing breath. And I didn't want to stop then. We've decided we have the same mental illness. We feel normal when we're together. That's good, isn't it?

Anyway - I'm taking care of all my responsibilities, but I don't want to feel I'm just eking by. Then again, my tendency is to go overboard and do too much. Maybe I've torqued down to a reasonable level of commitment? I suppose time will tell.

I've been off coffee for 4 years now, but I'm sorta thinking of dipping my toe back into the carafe. Will let you know how that works out.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Tickersoid said...

When you talk to someone who makes you feel normal it's such a 'rush'. I know exactly what you mean.

I've been on the emotional roller coaster recently myself so I can empathise.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Sorry to hear about your loss of another friend. It's always hard, isn't it?

As for fabulous photos in OK, the best ones will be in any number of the small towns off 35. I worked in Shawnee and lived in Edmond for 15 mos several years ago and drove from Shawnee or OK City to Ardmore and surrounding area many times. If you have time, be sure to see Turner Falls. It's just a couple of miles off 35 just south of Davis. It's in the Arbuckle Mountains. That's what th eOkies call 'em. Actually just some very high hills. I have a couple of stories about Davis and the Arbuckles I'll maybe post on my blog sometime.

Oh yeah. There's an all you can eat catfish place just off 35 not far north of the river. Can't remember the name but great fish.

Kelly said...

Have a safe trip dear, and I hope your stress lightens up soon.

shpprgrl said...

Sorry to hear to hear about your sad news. It seems like it all comes at once. Take care!

phlegmfatale said...

tickersoid - exactly!

myron - Yes, it's hard, and it seems a lot has happened in a short amount of time.
I've been to Turner Falls several times - LOVE it - such a beautiful place, and some really great hiking in the area. I'm looking forward to going back with my camera next time and really doing some exploring - there's a lot of great stuff there.

kelly - Thanks, hon.

shpprgrl Thanks - yeah, I've felt a bit dog-piled lately.