Friday, September 22, 2006

OH - Tonight, Cowboys and Indians are playing over at Lee Harvey's at 8:30. I sure do wish I could be there - fantastic band and a fabulous dive bar with a huge mess of tacky faded beer signs from the 1970s-- sold gold! Then tomorrow, Lee Harvey's is hosting Petty Theft, the world's best Tom Petty tribute band. Sorry not to hot-link, but blogger won't let me do that from the Mac, for some reason.


nongirlfriend said...

I haven't been to Lee Harvey's in forever. I almost got thrown out once for pole dancing.

No wait, that was Cabaret. For a different reason. I must learn to keep my stories straight.

phlegmfatale said...

Lee Harvey's is such a cool place. Love it. *L* I can't imagine anyone being kicked out of lee harvey's for anything except being a weenie, and I'm sure you weren't being a weenie.