Saturday, September 16, 2006

Celebrity Snark
I saw a blurb on the news recently that Sean Penn was raging against the machine and making like a politician on the campaign trail. I noticed, too, he has a new film coming out, a super-preachy, man'o'da'peoples kinda movie. Please, spare us. I predict audiences will stay away in droves.

What I'm wondering is how a megalomaniac like that ever married a megalomaniac like Madonna. You know they each woke up every morning thinking "now, if I'm ever going to rule the world, I'm going to have to kill him/her one day soon..."

I saw an image of Cindy Crawford and husband with their pre-school age child, and the child was flipping off the cameraman taking the photo. What kind of break with reality does one have to have in order to teach and/or allow their little child to make gestures that connote a non-romantic sexual act? I mean, shit, I know she's a model and all, but even with all the trappings of wealth and fame, how can a person be so short-sighted as to deny their child any sort of innocence? Fuh'd up...

Oh, back to Sean Penn. Sean is very pro gun-control. So imagine how boggling it was a few years ago when his muscle car was stolen in L.A. WITH his personal firearms inside. Same for Rosie O'Donnell - VERY gun control, but her personal body guards are packing. Some animals are more equal than others... Bottom line is we the great unwashed are not capable of handling the very things THEY the enlightened are entitled to. After all, there are never mass murder attempts in places where guns are banned.


Meg said...

Was Sean Penn a somebody or a 'nobody' before he married Madonna?

FHB said...

He's a prick and a hypocrite, but I bet that movie is good. It's a remake of an old James Cagney thing that loosely looked at Huey Long in Louisiana. The original is amazing to watch. We'll see.

Z said...

Personally, I can't stand Sean Penn. Everything about him just gets on my nerves.

I am a bit shocked by Cindy's kid making that kind of gesture. It's appaling actually, and I agree with you, kids should not be denied their innocence. They grow up pretty fast as it is.

I am back from my hols now. I have changed the layout of my blog and hopefully it is nicer to navigate now.

Liz said...

Love the Orwell reference.

phlegmfatale said...

meg - Sean's acting career was in ascendance at the time, Meg, and they met around the time he filmed "At Close Range" in which he turned in a bravura performance in my opinion. In my opinion, most of the roles he's done since then have simply been a rehash of that same character with minor variations. He's too in love with his own opinions to don any other personae than the one he's already got on lockdown.

fathairybastard - I remember the Cagney movie. Let's see. He's too rigid to be a good actor, in my opinion, and I'm sick of seeing him do he same, emphatic character over and over. It's very one-note symphony.

turboslut - Yup - he's a fly in the ointment. Yeah, you would think Cindy's child wouldn't do something so declasse, but I guess you never know with people like that. I'm sad for the kid. Great! Sorry I've not been making the blog rounds as I should lately. I'll see you at your blog soon.

liz - you WOULD love the Orwell reference. It was a classic case of blurting - it popped out.

Janean said...

Are Madonna and Sean still together? That, in itself, is amazing!
I think that is very unfortunate about the Cindy Crawford photo. But I can't throw kids are slightly older; they learned that lovely gesture in public school. The first time they try it out, they get the lecture...just like for the nice "words" they learn there as well. My luck is that the first time they choose to try it out is in the back seat of Gramma's car OR (heaven forbid) in church on Sunday morning from the stage.
At least I'm not a celebrity so their gesture won't be photographed for the world to see. I've had enough family pictures that I've had to hide because one of them had their finger up their nose when I snapped the photo. KIDS! LOL :D

phlegmfatale said...

janean - Madonna and Sean broke up after a few years. I'm just saying I'll bet the spent most of their marriage hating each other... I've heard it said that children and pets exist to embarrass their parents/masters. And they have an incredible way of choosing their moments. Yeah, those nose-picking photos are instant classics, aren't they? Then again, you have to see that as a Godsend - it can be wonderful blackmail material when they reach dating age.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

I kinda liked Penn in We're No Angels with Robert De Niro. But that was in 1989.

And the elite like Penn and Rosie have to have weapons because the great unwashed masses are allowed to have them. Damn that constitution, anyway.

Zelda said...

If there is anyone more ignorant and pointlessly arrogant that a politician, it's a celebrity.

I will never forget that photo of Sean Penn in that boat after Katrina trying to bale out New Orleans with a plastic cup.

Doesn't he look efficient?

And then there were his precious quotes while he was in Iran listening to the rousing chants of "Death to America."

"I understand the nature of where it comes from and what its intention is," he said. "But I don't think it's productive because I think the message goes to the American people and it is interpreted very literally."

He actually ascribes nuance to the Islamonuts and backhandedly chastises us for being to literal. AFTER 9/11!!

It's no wonder they think we're easy. We're sending retards to represent us in a world where we are hated.

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

That's my whole beef with the left-wing in the first place. They think we're to stupid and have to be taken care of.

Like Orwell's "Animal Farm", some animals would be more equal that others it their ideal utopia...

In the mean time, I'll keep my guns, thank you very much! said...

Since I got here late...I'm down with everything ya'll said!

phlegmfatale said...

myron - I think he would have had a more memorable career if he tried to stretch in the comedy direction

zelda - yeah, Sean Penn in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans was an embarrassment. You stated all this so eloquently. You certainly know whereof you speak when you mention us sending morons as emissaries to the middle-east, having narrowly escaped revolutionary Iran with your life as a child. I'm glad you survived to be here with us.

nongirlfriend - Yup, what a maroon.

rangertom - Yup - they think it's heaven. They think they are brainiacs because they are into Huxley and Bukowski, when in fact, they are simply not capable of independent thought. We need to take seriously the political ideology of people who cry on cue for a living? Bitch, please!

mushy - Welcome to our world!

FHB said...

Just realized I got my movies mixed up. I was thinking of a Cagney flick called "A Lion is in the Streets", which has a very similar plot to All the Kings Men. The award winning original of "Kings Men" starred Broderick Crawford, Which makes the casting of Penn seem a little less bizarre. Still, aparently the film's been panned (Penn's been panned) at the latest film fest.

Anonymous said...

I liked him as the tard in "I Am Sam." A

Becky said...

Celebrities are just a bunch of hypocrites with notoriety. I remember when Rosie attacked Tom SElleck on her show after Columbine, and he had the quick wit to retort that she was hawking KMart that sold guns in their stores.

phlegmfatale said...

fathairybastard - Yeah, you're right, but it had been so long since I'd seen it that I didn't catch that it was a different film.

Sister - Yup, he was good in that because he was acting with a talented 9 year old girl who had the chutzpah to carry the film.

becky - very good description - they need to just shut up and act. THEN there's the hypocrisy of Sean Penn being so violent with the "invasive" paparazzi, but then he insists the public give a shit about what he thinks about the world an politics? Give me a break! I didn't hear that about Tom Selleck - he's more clever than the average bear, apparently. Good for him!