Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm not so great at divining which camera settings are ideal for which situations yet, but I was thrilled to have the opportunity to snap these rare mammatus clouds Friday afternoon in Arkansas between Mother Nature's bouts of tornadic fits. They were spectacular, and only the second time I remember seeing this type of cloud.

Sorry not a very long post for now, but I'll try to get a more detailed one in later in the day on Tuesday.


I was able to get some naso-centric cow pictures of which long I had dreamt, and I'll show you one tomorrow. Cows are so incredibly cute. Had a lovely trip, but it had its complications too. More details in about 12 hours or so. Have a great day!


Kelly said...

Boobie clouds!
Very cool.
Oh, when we have our first tornado warning here, I will freak out. No lie. I already told Dick he'll come home from work and find me huddled in a closet with all the cats.
We don't do tornados in the Northeast!

Tam said...

My sister was a huge cow lover. Stuffed cows. Cow notepads. Cow slippers. Cow coffee mugs. The works.

Then her beau at the time gave her one of his.

For some reason she wasn't as much of a cow fan after meeting her gift in the pre-steak, as it were. ;)

Go figure.

phlegmfatale said...

kelly - Breastie, indeed! Now, if you're going to do the tornado freakout, you've got to do it right: get in the bathtub with the critters and your handbag and pull a mattress over you. It's tradition. Don't fret too much, hon - odds are you'll never see one in the flesh. 40 years of living in tornado country and the only one I saw was in Arkansas 29 years ago, and it was tall, skinny, a long way off, and never touched down. One year of living in tornado alley and you'll be an old pro.

tam - Awwww, poor beastie! You know, they are rather smelly and seem quite dim. Actually, stupid and skittish is a dangerous combination of traits for a half-ton of critter. Also, those flying filaments of slobber that go everywhere are something you just don't expect, that and the flies.

I'm hoping your sister had a proper place to keep a cow?

Now, if a miniature cow version in about the 200# range were available, I'd totally have one.

Zelda said...

I have never seen clouds like that in my life. I thought they were finger smudges on the screen at first. They are cool as hell though.

As for cows, they are stupid creatures. We had a calf once who for some reason was tied up temporarily. We were playing with her, and I guess we scared her because she ran, tripping me with the rope she was tied with. In my dazedness, I couldn't move all that swiftly and when I tried to get up, she started to run the opposite direction and started dragging me along the ground with the rope caught under my chin. After bouncing my head off a couple of rocks, she eventually moved off. It probably looked pretty funny.

Meg said...

Kinda looks like brain cells or something. You can actually order sheep brain in some restaurants in New Zealand. When we had a car accident and flipped our Pajero, and my hubby cut his arm and I had to wash it with our drink bottle water before the amublance came, the inside of his cut looked a bit like this, except red. Yikes... There's a reason why I'm not a health professional. Yikes...

Dick said...

I like eating cows. Yummy.
Can't wait to catch Kelly in the tub, surrounded by cats.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those clouds are the most amazing thing ever. I've been admiring the autumn clouds here, with their promise of winter all mixed up with their memory of summer, but they've got nothing on those babies.

phlegmfatale said...

zelda - they were thrilling to see, but I'm easily excited so...
Yeah, cows are stupid, but they are amazingly cute. I guess some people might have found it funny to see that dogie dragging you, but it would have terrified me - a big dumb animal can be a very dangerous thing!

meg - yeah, it does look brainy, or like some spongiform sort of tissue. Yuck. Ew, speaking of spongiform-- with all the mad cow type spongiform encephalopathies springing up these days, I'd never eat anything's brain. Except the fried skull of Japanese Mackerel in a sushi bar - I'll eat that. Yum. Eek, but well-done on cleaning the wound in emergency first-aid on your husband - it takes a clear head to do that instead of just freaking out.

big dick - cows is mighty tasty - viva la beef! When you DO find Kelly and the cats in the tub, you've got to promise to take a picture.

barbara - well, if you guys would brew up a few more decent tornadoes, I'll bet you'd get a chance to see clouds like that! I'll bet you have some spectacular sunsets up there, too!