Monday, September 18, 2006

Not much in the mood to post.
Driving home on a busy highway tonight, I thought I saw something in the road ahead which I hoped I was very wrong about. Almost leaning against the concrete barrier dividing the north from southbound lanes of I-35, I saw the gangly legs of a good-size dog, and there was enough traffic that I knew even if I didn't hit this poor terrified creature, that it was probably doomed.

Still, I slowed down, put on my brakes. I hated to do this on a highway, but I also don't want to hit a big dog, either - that could have caused me to wreck, too. This looked to be a Weimaraner or a German Shorthaired Pointer, some dog with that kind of look. It was probably about 50 pounds.

The vehicle behind me was too close on my tail to really slow down, so they pulled around on my right and floored it, squarely hitting the dog just as it ran from in front of my vehicle. The dog didn't suffer - that could only have been a fatal blow, so at least it was over quickly.

Of course, I could hear the dog being hit so loudly that I almost could feel it. I felt so awful for the poor thing and angry at the other driver for being so impatient -- what if that had been a child in the road?

The fact that my own dog was run over (she survived) by a car not even a year ago doesn't help when it comes to how chilled I felt about that poor dog.

Sorry for being dull, I just felt like venting. I guess the moral of this story is that whether the roads are wet or dry, the motorist ahead of you may have a very valid reason for slowing down or braking.


Meg said...

Oh Geepers, I am so sorry for you and the pooch. You are absolutely absolved from having to entertain us with your wit tonight. Put your feet up, and have Husband get you a nice drink. Look forward to tomorrow.

Z said...

How sad. That other driver will probably think twice about overtaking in the future. Or at least you would hope so. I hope you are not feeling too shook up. Things like that always effect me in a big way and make me feel terrible for days. It sounds like the dog would have died instantly, so at least you have that comfort.

Try to chill out, fix yourself your favourite drink and relax with a good movie. That always makes me forget things for a while. xxxx

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Sorry you had to witness that. It's bad enough loseing a pet to natural causes but to witness something like that just boggles my mind. One day I'll post about the time we lost a Shelty to a milk truck .

phlegmfatale said...

meg - thanks - good idea, the relaxation thing

turboslut - Yeah, it was sad, and I hope that driver is more careful. I'm feeling better this morning. I am going to chill out today. Maybe take my dog to the dogpark and hang out with her.

myron - yeah, it's a haunting sight and sound. Ouch, a milk truck - that could put you off milk entirely.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh I'm so sorry for the poor terrified dog and for you, especially after you were conscientious about avoiding it.

That's something that's hard to forget. I still remember our neighbour's dog getting hit about 10 years ago and it still disturbs me greatly.

Be extra nice to yourself today. said...

Of course I wrote recently about putting my old dog down, but this story reminded me of the mouth-to-mouth I attempted to give the last dog I had at home before leaving from Vietnam. Naturally, it didn't do any good, but when you love an animal their mouth is as clean as you feel your own is and you'll try anything.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

mushy, I know what you're talking about. I've stuck one of my Shi Tzus' whole muzzle in my mouth a couple of times when he suddenly had a hard time breathing. He has allergies and a bad heart murmer. I ain't gonna let him go without a fight.

Zelda said...

That's so sad. My dad had a dog story that would make me cry just to retell it. It ended with "Please wake up, Spotty!"

On the bright side, I wrote about Muslims again and could seriously use the input of Pragmatic Americans such as yourself.

Dick said...

I can see now why you're not in the mood to write.
Sorry you had to be a part of that.

phlegmfatale said...

barbara - thanks so much, and I was nice to myself, and I'm about to go to the dog park with doglet and a very enjoyable book. YEah, it's a haunting thing, that.

mushy - if I thought it would save my doglet, I'd give her mouth-to-muzzle without a second thought. Dogs are just too good to us - we owe them something.

myron - ditto what I just said. I'm hanging on to my doglet, too.

zelda - wow - that line "Please wake up, Spotty!" makes my nose tingle just to think about it. He must have been a little kid, and losing a beloved dog when you're little is one of life's cruelties. OOH, I'll sashay right on over and put in my two cents, but whatever it is, I know you've already stated it perfectly - you're so insightful and well-spoken.

big dick - thanks.

LJ said...

Oh Phlegmy, that's just awful, awful, awful. I am SO sorry. My heart goes out to you.

Kelly said...

You aren't dull dear Phlegm. That would put me right out of the mood to write as well.
Sometimes I think I have more compassion for animals than for humans.

Dave MacIntyre said...

That's awful. I also cringe a bit when I see a cat that has met its demise on the road, but a breaks my heart. I've only ever seen one on the road once, almost 15 years ago now, but that image is burned in my memory forever.

HollyB said...

I'm so awfully sorry you had to witness that rat batard's cruelty. There is a special hell for people like him.
All the animals killed by drivers in a hurry or just plain careless pee on their open wounds 24/7/365.
Never let it be said that I not a lover of dogs, or that I am not vindictive towards drivers who hit dogs.
I hope your spirit manages to heal.


FHB said...

Very sad. HATE to see dogs or cats out loose, but there's the notion that cats can fend. Dogs that are loose like that look like lost people. Folks who let their dogs run wild so they end up like that need a beatin'. I'm still haunted by the immage of a few dogs I've seen on the street but didn't try to pick up. Very sad. Very sorry you had to see it. I always think "Oh, that's somone's baby" when I see the road kill. I tell ya, people need a beatin'.

Shannon said...


I am so sorry that you had to witness that. I can't stand to see any animal hurt. I hit a bird the other week with the bumper of my car and I just cried all the way home. It kills me how callous people can be when it comes to animals. They act as if animals don't mean as much as humans. Even though I have met far more lovable animals that people.

phlegmfatale said...

lj - thanks - you're so sweet
kelly - thanks, too. I admit I'm very dog-oriented. I would prefer this dog to die rather than any humans in the cars on the road, but it just seemed like if everyone had been driving responsibly, the dog wouldn't have been killed then, either. OF COURSE, ultimately, the fault for this dog's death lay solidly at the door of the human who was responsible for him.
dave - yeah, it's so hard to shake the horror of seeing a dog or cat hit - I didn't pull a door all the way shut last November 1 and I watched my dog run into the street and get run over - it was absolutely horrifying.
hollyb - I'm feeling better, though still kind of chilled by it - it was such a sick feeling
fathairybastard - Yes, true, cats seem to know how to cope on their own, but dogs do seem to be searching for someone to lead them out of bewilderment, so it's all the more heart-rending. Yes, seriously, people who let their dogs run wild DO need a beating. I'm totally with you on that one.

shannon - thanks, yes, it's a hard thing to watch and try to move on from. I'd cry over a bird, too. I cried over a cotton-tail rabbit once that ran into the road and I couldn't avoid hitting - it ruined my day. I was on the way to work, clocked in, and tried to shake the awful feeling for hours.