Sunday, April 02, 2006

Today I thought I'd just show some little old lady photos I like. We spend lots of time oohing and ah-ing over the extreme cuteness of dogs, children and - let's face it - ME and my shoes, but we don't talk much about how cute some little old ladies are. The cutest of all has a link at bottom, but I didn't want to lift the image from the photographer's blog, so you'll have to make an effort if you want to see her, but she's worth the trip.

Cute city gran - "Don't make me hit you with my handbag!"
Rocker Gran, party on!
Little Rascal Gran (equally at home wielding a dustmop or a shotgun)
Surprised Gran, probably entered a pie every year in the state fair of Indiana

Click HERE for the cutest little old lady of all. I just love her.


nongirlfriend said...

Ha! I love it!

Ben Heller said...

I love Grans, they rule.

They always have

1. A strictly organised life, everything has its place.

2. They like covers over everything, armchairs, couches, tables etc.

3. They are so busy, they have to get up at 6.00 AM every morning.

4. They always have industrial quantities of candy lying around.

5. When you visit them, in their eyes it's an event.

phlegmfatale said...

nongirlfriend - Thanks! They're fun ladies!

ben heller - I love grans too - everything you said is true - they are total sweethearts

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I missed out having a granny. I think I'll adopt one of these.

St Jude said...

Hey, I'm a grandma, believe me, I don't own candy, I'm not organised, and I absolutely do not rise before 8am. And my beloved grandchildren will learn that I prefer to have midnight picnics under the stars with them, enjoy the delights of food fights, go caving and ride the scariest roller coasters we can find. They can dye my hair green, (what the heck it will grow out), & they can dig up my roses. All these things I enjoyed with my own children. In other words some Grandmas never grow up.

Anonymous said...

I love grandma's! Love old people! Memories of my gran...large cookie jar filled with vanialla waffers, ice cream before bed, rocked me to sleep, climbed her apple tree and there were always delightful cooking smells coming from her kitchen!

SJ said...

Surprised Gran looks like Benny Hill

Rocky said...

Love the granny shots and post. All very good photos, proving one's age is really a state of mind.

Ms. M said...

My late, great grandmother was a cute little old lady. She always was smiling or laughing. You made me miss my granny!!!

But, she's on mine, my sisters' and my mother's mind a lot. We always know when she's with us because we're all thinking about her at the same time (spooky!) and inevitably one of us will make her guffaw or want to make one of her dishes. Especially at holiday day time.

You're right, little old ladies are about as cute as little kids and baby animals!

Will said...

Little ol' ladies are da bomb.