Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What time is it?

It's Hammer Time!

omg! Is that Jello Biafra at 1:37??? Check the bald older guy in the sport jacket and headband. There's just such rich meet food here.

This is my kind of mob, but their degree of organization belies the mob label. I mean, who puts this much energy into a one-off or two-off prank? Who paid for the pants? Did all these people actually already know the entire Hammer dance? I don't know, but it sort of doesn't matter. Loved it. It would have been rendered perfection if someone shouted "don't tase me, bro!" in the middle.

Weird and wonderful.


Tickersoid said...

I really should learn that dance before I get to old to do it.

pediem said...

It was an ad by A&E tv for a series that they were planning on running over the summer. Reality TV series. Not sure if it made the final cut to be on screen or not, but that was a very cool ad!

Roscoe said...

If you appreciate that sort of thing, the closing scene of Mike Nesmith's "Tapeheads" has the best Jello Biafra sight gag of all time.

Matt G said...

There are times when I realize that you and I have some widely disparate views on music. The flashmob of guys dancing to MC Hammer? AWESOME. Made my day. I watched it thrice.

Recognizing Jello Biafra, though?
[Head shaking] You unabashed punk fiend.

One of my fave reviews of the Dead Kennedys is here. I just didn't get 'em.