Friday, December 31, 2010


This LOLdog never gets old to me-- I giggle just thinking about it.

They have a lot of great PewPewPew! posts at LOLcats.


Matt G said...

This sound effect is a favorite of my wife's and mine. We also like how little boys playing war games might use the onamonapia for shooting: "Douche! Douche-Douche!"

I laughed out loud at this one, and am still smiling.

BGMiller said...

Are dachshunds made by Heckler & Koch?

Having a couple of German terriers the whole "because you suck and we hate you" bit kind of makes sense on occasion.

Also, it's nice to see Master Chief showing good trigger discipline in that pic.

Hmmm......which gunmaker makes which dogs....that could be a fun conversation.

Would pit bulls be the AK-47 of the dog world? Safe and fun with maintenance and training but dangerous to everyone in the hands of a thug?