Wednesday, December 01, 2010

File when ready.

I've always been one for the good puns, as well as the bad ones. Taking a turn through Ulta last week, I came across the above little gem, a purse packet of nail files for a manicure tidy-up on the go. This may seem a small thing, but I found it a fetching nod to the more famous phrase altered by one letter. File when ready. Also buff, polish and chew, if you are so inclined.

I am heartened to see that all the fun has not gone out of us yet, and I am buoyed that despite the steady barrage of its flaccid salvos, political correctness has yet to take all the jubilant cheek out of alluding to storied phraseology connected with the firearm-fueled kicking of wholesale ass as connoted by the saying "Fire when ready."

tee hee!

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Joanna said...

Yesterday I saw a sign: "This door to remain unlocked while occupied."

I asked my companion, "What if it doesn't have anything to do?"

Old NFO said...

Good one! :-)