Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anonymous 4 - Ave Maria

Medieval liturgical music seems a much more fitting embodiment of the spirit to me than all the music we generally associate with Christmas. I love the elegance of the lines and the astonishing contrast of voices then merging to sound like just one person. Plain-chant unison is incredibly challenging singing and this group does it breathtakingly well.

I remember seeing them one night in Fort Worth about a dozen or so years ago. It was cold out and late and I was tired and really wanted to blow off going, but I went anyway. I'm so glad I didn't miss it because this is all the more effective in person. I once heard one of the women in Anonymous 4 say this is mystical without being religious. Here's to the mystical enchantments devoid of oppressively zealous cant.


Vinogirl said...

Really lovely!

Old NFO said...

That is outstanding! Thanks for putting it up!

Barbara said...

I have their On Yoolis Night, a collection of Lady Masses. Enjoyed this as well!