Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Piano by Boyce Hawkins

Christmas Piano by Boyce Hawkins

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

A musical interlude for Christmas - scrolly-scrolly/clicky-clicky to hear some delightfully discordant tones in all-too-familiar and all-too-often-played Christmas music. Most refreshing, indeed.



Thud said...

Merry Christmas my good woman, I hope you have a great family time and set yourself up for a spectacular new year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was WONDERFUL, in a most hilariously awful way!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I really LOL'ed!! :D Thanks for the giggles. Have a Happy Christmas and a Fantabulous New Year, m'dear!

The Purple Magpie, a.k.a. Miz Minka and Mr. Greenthumb/the Green Magpie

Julie said...

Enjoy your Christmas! Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love.

Merry Christmas!

Tokarev said...

Hahha!! That was great! I remember watching Boyce presenting the weather & playing the piano on a local morning program as a young'un in Nashville,TN.

Merry Christmas, you two!

Unknown said...

Any chance anyone still has a copy?