Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...or how's about this idea?

The gubmint is admonishing health insurance companies to do away with preExisting clauses for policies. Um, I'm calling bullshizznit on this one.

Here's a better idea - why doesn't the gubmint just take the uninsurable people under its wing already (oh, it already has???) and just pay for those pipples' healthcare, and then let the rest of us have the freedom to, oh, say, choose an employer based on the perquisites of salary and features like health care insurance?

In truth, we call things insurance, but there is indeed no true comfort and no ultimate safety in this lifetime. We all do - I'm counting myself here - think of our possessions as our own, but from my most common possessions like dirty socks, right up to my jewelry and my fabulous Beetlejuice bookcase, -- we are merely caretakers of the things we own here. One by one, we'll shuffle off this mortal coil and leave all our fabulous, precious, wonderful stuff to be dispersed by someone else.

If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything. If you don't give a fig about making room in your finances for your own healthcare, why should your neighbor be forced to make concessions to indulge your inanity?

No amount of public buttressing of private lives will fix the mess that so many make for themselves.

Curmudgeon sounds like something you'd find on a tray of sweets when you go round a little old English lady's house for tea, dunnit?


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Jon said...

The crazy thing about healthcare is that there seems to be an unwillingness by all involved to put the information out there, so dumbasses like me can develop an honest opinion. For instance:

-How much does lawsuit abuse cost?
-How many illegals use resources without paying?
-How many derelicts, drug addicts and entitlement surfers use resources without paying?
-How much does government required paperwork cost?

These are important questions to me, but finding the answers is like wading blindfolded through wet concrete. When you add the obvious deceit by politicians, and their peanut gallery, I can only assume the ultimate goal is sex with an unwilling participant...and I'm tired of being the participant.

Government healthcare is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

I can only comment on my own experience: such as, a friend's son who had been shot bled to death in the ER of a Texas hospital while illegals with hangnails and their children with the sniffles were being treated ahead of him for fear of government reprisals and lawsuits if this wasn't done.
There was, of course, a lawsuit, and the hospital blamed it on an ER doctor and let him take the flak instead of admitting that this sort of thing was their own policy, made 'necessary' by the aforementioned reprisals and lawsuits.
Not one person in the ER had the guts to set priorities and say, "This boy is going to die if we don't help him NOW."
There are hundreds of such instances. Think Obamacare is going to be any better?
Better still, think I will willingly trade my children's lives, even though they're adult, or even my own, although I'm over that magic age of 59, or that of my mother, who will be 103 in 4 months, for an illegal alien's kid?
The operative word here is 'illegal.'
Get a grip!
Elsewhere PhD.

Old NFO said...

I 'think' you're going to find that there are going to be 'limits' to the acceptable pre-conditions... The TRUTH is still coming out...

Shannon said...

Yeah - 'limit' - like the fact that it won't go into effect until 2014...I'd say that's a pretty big limit right there.