Friday, March 26, 2010

Why I moderate comments: keep it nice.

I moderate comments to keep the spam down. When I comment on other blogs, I find comment moderation to be far less annoying than word verification, so that is the method I choose for filtering out the ads which promise to clean out my colon or to enlarge my manhood. *hmph*

My blog has been here lo, these eight years and I started this as an occasional record of what was going through my head at the moment. I wasn't working, and felt the need to jolt my creativity in some way, and writing seemed a good idea. As promised on the banner, there's plenty of talk about my dogs (yes, now the plural, and I know I should update the little thingie, but for now I'll deal with it), my perhaps excessive interest in shoes, and just whatever is generally running through my brain.

Perhaps it's my tendency to lean toward belly button fluff that has largely spared me trollery, but I will say this. There has only been one time I have removed a comment and that was because the poster realized he'd erred in making a personal attack on a fellow commenter, and was duly contrite about having said rude, ill-considered things to that commenter and requested that I unpublish his comment.

Someone recently has made pointed comments on my blog of a political nature , but also felt the need to question the intelligence of another commenter. The irony of this is that I personally know the original commenter, and am confident the flamer would quickly have his hide hanging on their shed wall, should they so choose. This person has political opinions which differ from my own, and I gnerally don't have a problem posting their opinions, however wrong they be. If I make a post and someone comments to agree with me, and then you feel the need to question the intelligence of the concurring commenter, well, what does it say about your intelligence that you come to my blog?

I have not intentionally moderated comments out in the past, but that doesn't mean I won't reject them in the future. Stick to the point and keep it nice if you want to play here.


Daddy Hawk said...

Words to live by in the blogosphere.

MiniKat said...

I agree that people need to be respectful and polite, even if we do not agree with one another.

Even when there is a post here I disagree with, I respect the author enough to let it be. The differences in us all are what make us both individuals and more interesting.

My proverbial hat is off to you, Ms. Phlegm.

Old NFO said...

Hehehe- Good post, and sometimes it IS nice to let things play out, but not here... I don't find your blog to be BB fluff, but entertaining and a 'bit' off beat :-) said...

I moderate too...too many foreign language comments I can't read...not telling what they say. I've even tried Babble in order to translate them, but they make no sense to me.

I visit frequently here, but rarely's a time thing.

Anonymous said...

Who is John Galt?