Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coolest Christmas Ornament Evar.

My dear friend Holly gave me this fabulous ornament for Christmas.

She's an elk with sparkly kissy lips and gilded horns to buttress up her mile-high pompadour'ed Marie Antoinette 'do. I say she, but that may be in question. My understanding has ever been that only the boys in the cervidae family get the racks. Perhaps this one is a drag queen or is undergoing gender reassignment? In any case, I think she/he/it is beeyooteeful!


Anyway, she's hanging year-round among the crystals in my bedside table lamp, fabulous thing that she is. She's too splendid to pack away with mere seasonal things, yes?

Thanks, Hols!


Old NFO said...

Um... definitely "different"... :-) I'd be afraid to pack it, no telling WHAT you'd get out next Christmas :-)

Kathleen said...

If you were swooning over the bovine ornamentation perhaps Holly may be persuaded to share some seriously luscious mermaids - buxom lasses with bottoms to match make ideal ceiling fan pulls. Each mermaid has a particular facial "attitude" which I adore. I've placed them throughout my home not so much with regard to the color of their, um, scales as much as the sass on their faces. They are treasured gifts from the Hollyberry and reminders of some damn fine times back in the day.

Holly said...

You're welcome.