Monday, March 15, 2010

The change'll do you good...

...thinking of the hopey/changey bag of baloney flogged so mercilessly by Team Obama, lately I'm reminded increasingly of a chorus from Damaged Goods by the superbly minimalist early Gang Of Four:

Damaged goods
send me back
I can't work, I can't achieve
send me back.
Open the till
refund the change you said would do me good
refund the cost
you said you're cheap but you're too much

Quite. True GO4 were speaking of things on a more personal level, but considering how Obama's Final Solution* for healthcare is being rammed down our throats without the courtesy of dinner and a movie, the metaphor fits.

Couldn't find a clip of the original with audio to do it justice, so here's The Hot Rats with their cover and interesting video of same:

*not to liken Obama to A. Hitler: Hitler wrote his own book.

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