Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: why teh puppehs can't have nice things...

The puppies have had a nice feather pillow in their basket in the kitchen for about 6 months. Every so often I'd wash the cover and the pillow separately, but generally they've seemed to appreciate the pillow as something more than just a chew-toy.

Until Monday. I came home from work to find the pillow disemboweled and feathers feathers everywhere.

Bad puppies. Bad, bad things.

So no more feather pillows for naughty pups.
Still, I can't stay mad at them for long, for some reason.


Rabbit said...

You've seen what Jack the Siberian did to my hammock, didn't you?

Pulled all the stuffing out of the padded hammock. Would sit in it all day long when it was nice out.

Prissy pulls the eyes off stuffed animals and rips out the squeakers. Murphy the cat can't stand for a little animated cat toy to be above his head level on the bookshelf, so he pulls it down and drags it to his waterbowl to torture it.

Can't have anything nice. First it was kids, then critters.


Farmmom said...

They were just trying to redecorate for you as a surprise. SURPRISE!! LOL

Anonymous said...

May I suggest a block-foam pillow. One piece, less mess.

B Woodman

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Now you can take them out duck hunting!

phlegmfatale said...

Rabbit - LawDog said your cat was waterboarding the toys. Hee!

FarmMom - *chuckle* And boy, was I surprised! I thought we'd outgrown our "let's disembowel our nest" stage. tsk, tsk.

B Woodman - Foam block is potentially millions of pieces. Had a sofa cushion, once...

Barbara - ROFL!!!

Old NFO said...

But they're SO contrite... :-)

Jon said...

I dunno. They killed the pillow and left most of the carcass in the lair. I imagine they were proud of their conquest.

In puppeh world, they are masters of their universe. The momma should honor their valor and give them treats...or hugs...or both.