Wednesday, March 24, 2010

walk softly and carry a big neanderthal...

One of the unexpected perks of living in greater Redneckia is the cool shit you see in stores. Here, for example, we have Sasquatch dessicated meat products in stick form. [Frankly, I fully support the marketing of meats in easy-to-consume stick form, just for the record.]

Anyway, I love the ideer of some Sasquatch jerky-treats for hoomans, and hopefully now Chaka from Land of The Lost can reunite with his long lost cousin, Sasquatch. If they can hook up with the Geico cavemen, perhaps they can have a family reunion. Or file a class action lawsuit.

...or run for Congress. They couldn't do worse than the booger-eating morons we put in there before...


Farmmom said...

OMG thats just tooooo funny!

BobG said...

The Sasquatch Big Stick?

I hope it isn't a reference to a part of a Bigfoot's anatomy...

pdb said...

[insert joke about chewing on Sasquatch's big stick here]

[lol, insert]

So what do they do with the REST of the bigfoot?

Just a little snarky said...

Generally, any meat "stick" is fatty and bloating. However, jerkey "chunks" are almost completely fat free portions of awesome!

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steff66 said...

Oh, don't forget the Geico caveman. Of course, he's probably too cool for these things.

Home on the Range said...

Better than the ones we have out here in yuppieland that are made from freeze dried yard gnomes.

Glad I had a chance to talk to you last night for a bit. Looking forward to seeing you guys in June!

Robert the Skeptic said...

I love it... but strangeness isn't relegated only to Redneckia... we have the Big Foot (Squatch) Museum up here in the Pacific Northwest. He's damn near mascot status up here.

Curious though, Phlegmfatale, did you try it? Wondering if it tastes anything like chicken.

Wayne said...

One of the main ingredients in these little pieces of dedliciousness is "mechanically separated chicken." Personally I think that is likely the bestest part.

Wiki definition-Mechanically separated meat (MSM), also known as mechanically recovered/reclaimed meat (MRM), is a paste-like meat product produced by forcing beef, pork, turkey or chicken bones, with attached edible meat, under high pressure through a sieve or similar device to separate the bone from the edible meat tissue.


Anonymous said...

Tolwyn, in my part of the world, we call that sausage. Unless someone went a leeeetle too heavy on the sage. Then we call it a breakfast meat so we can get it over with early and be done. :)