Friday, November 14, 2008

Unbelievably hectic week, and I expect my schedule to stay rollicking-tight pretty much for the rest of the year. My job may or may not be ending very soon, so I may or may not be moving from Dallas sooner or later than I expected, hoped or feared. Nothing like a goodly straight dose of ambiguity with an uncertainty chaser to inspire confidence and calm the nerves. Hmm. Post Office is out. I wonder if GM is hiring... Nope? Sonic? This is going to be interesting! Whatever happens, it'll all work out. Heck, I may like flipping burgers.

I took wee Chu-Man-Fu to the vet for his second round of puppeh shots Thursday. Apparently, they didn't set well with him, because he produced some of the most hideous-smelling effluvium ever to grace a car seat this side of a decaying corpse. It smelled like ten-times-worn dirty gym socks turned up to 11. Yeah, his puke goes to 11. Poor little lamb.

Friday is the shooty portion of my chl test. Looking forward to getting all that taken care of. Tomorrow is a chick-shoot meet at my pistol club. There'll be a couple dozen of us. Admit it boys-- beads of perspiration have popped out on your forehead just thinking about a shooty estrogen-fest, yeah? There will be no talk of Oprah or Obama. There will be no talk of 401Ks. There will be kicking of ass. No cartridges will be spared.

I'm finally watching Firefly this week, and I really love it. I love the music which fits in the most wonderful and unexpected way. Good stuff.

Wasn't that Tequila video on the last post delightful? I thought so. If I sleep with a ukelele under my pillow, can I learn to play by osmosis? Hmm? Check out other videos by that guy- he's really clever and he's spearheading the plastic ukelele revolution. I particularly recommend his version of the Ramones' classic Blitzkrieg Bop.

Have a great day Friday.
Oh, what the heck - why don't I start this supremely shooty weekend right and just post it? Now, straight from Glasgow comes Gus' and Fin's Rock and Roll Radio Ramones Ukelele Show.


Thud said...

Blitzkrieg bop has a special place in my heart...I'm afraid to look.

phlegmfatale said...

thud - aw, don't be skeered - I'll hold your hand! Johnny, Joey and DeeDee would well approve, imho. It rocks.

Vinogirl said...

Could only find them online in suede. I think the plaid makes them extra special.

Rabbit said...

No ukelele show is complete without Jake Shimabukuro.

Not plastic, sorry.


Unknown said...

Firefly is a pretty good show and so was the movie. I read that they're airing Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse, on Friday nights (like Firefly) so people are pissed b/c it will most likely get canceled too soon.