Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From GunNuts radio chat companion:

phlegmfatale:Hey sexy peoples - I'm taking off. Great show, breda and ahab!
SebastianSH:What about Skype?
Jay_G:that is quite possibly the most annoying music in the history of bumper music
Jay_G:Night phlegm!
0G:Wtf is up with not being able to backspace?
SebastianSH:sexy peoples? Speak for youself
phlegmfatale:uh, i was!
SnarkyBytes:Breda: Skype fail
TJP:bye phlegmmy
0G:I can barely type as is, without backspacing!
phlegmfatale:OH, and the drunk show?
Ahab:bye phlegmmy
phlegmfatale:two weeks ago?
Breda:the drunk show ROCKED
phlegmfatale:I think gunnuts chat is pregnant.
Jay_G:I was there.
Jay_G:I think
SebastianSH:The drunk show?
Jay_G:But I'm not the father
SebastianSH:Was this during the election and I missed it?
Jay_G:The kid is not my son
Rich in Ohio:Election night.
phlegmfatale:many fathers, many mothers, no good parents


Old NFO said...

Dang, I left too early...LOL It must be pregnant, we had what, 48 online last night?

HollyB said...

I am so sorry I missed that one to watch the election results!

My 'puter was farkled up this week. Maybe next time.