Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If you are looking for a good concealed handgun license class in the DFW area, I heartily recommend Larry Bartek's. I feared taking classes for my ccw would be a depressing mixture of dull and intimidating, and Larry was just one more in a chain of brilliant, proficient gunny folk who have persuaded me the gun set is smarter than the average bear. Larry excelled at conveying the nuances and gravity of the decision to legally carry a concealed firearm, and he did so with good humour and grace. In practical application, Mr. Bartek took time to focus on each pupil and was able to give clear, firm instruction to those who needed a little extra guidance without sacrificing his attention to all the rest. He's that rare instructor you hope for, whatever the subject.

Check him out at his site.

Bonus: I got to fondle 6 different 1911s in his class. Sweet!


Xavier said...

Congrats Phleghmmy! Congrats!

HollyB said...

"Fondle 1911s" Lurve to touch those Colt 1911s myownself.

Buck said...

My first experience with a 1911 was back in the day when they were still the "issue" sidearm in the military. My Ol' Man took me to the range with him during one of his periodic qualifications (he was a special agent in the USAF Office of Special Investigations - OSI) when I was about eight years old. He let me "fire" his (I only pulled the trigger, with both of his hands wrapped firmly around my little ones). I will NEVER forget that experience!