Thursday, June 08, 2006

This has been bugging me for a long time.

There are some wonky language options on my bank's drive-through cash machine. I mean, wtf is Hmoob?
[when all else fails, google it - Hmoob is Vietnamese, apparently]

But what really baffles me is the braille lettering on the machine. On a drive-through. WTF is someone blind doing driving up to a drive-through cash machine? Am I missing something?

And that reminds me of the little handi-capable wheelchair logo beside the letter verification on blogger - um, if you're blind and need to click on the audio version of their letter scramble thingie, then how can you function on the internet, anyway?

You know those little pin toys that you can put your hand behind and the pins leave a 3-D version of your hand, or whatever you've collapsed the pins over? Well, someone needs to invent a braille version of the internet that functions like that. Don't you agree?

Then again, there would be an over-abundance of 3-d versions of obscene things, no doubt. That's just what we need more of, don't we?


starbender said...

hahaaaa, such a good point about things that serve no purpose!
The Blind leading the Blind!

Dick said...

Blogger sucks this morning, or whenever it is.
I've yet to see Ray Charles at a drive thru teller, but bigger than shit, it's going to happen. They just want to be ready.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha I thought the little wheelchair logo on blogger was for people in wheelchairs!! Kidding. But shouldn't they use a white cane symbol or a lead dog or something? Which is all moot, because as you pointed out - how do you find it?
Eecellent points you have made about these head-scratchers.

Becky said...

I've always thought the braille on the drive-through made absolutely no sense. it's almost one of those thngs you have to see them pull on Candid Camera or something like that.

LJ said...

Guffaw! I love that kind of stuff. I mean braille at a drive-through. There's a street I pass every day that has a sign posted on a telephone pole. It says, "Blind Person." Now, I do understand this is warning to drivers, but it slays me. It's like seeing a sign that says, "Rubber Boot" posted in the middle of a quiet residential street... My brain always removes the context.
But then, we're talkin' my brain.

Tam said...

I love your readers!

Mine spoiled it for me by giving me actual reasons and stuff.

Damned literal-minded gun nuts. ;)

phlegmfatale said...

starbender - really - it's baffling!

dick - yeah, blogger's been scwewy a lot lately. Yeah, blind dead Ray Charles at the drive-through ATM makes as much sense as a blind live guy at the drive-through atm.

barbara - Funny -t hat wheelchair logo - you're too clever!

becky - it certainly IS kooky, and I wonder what they were thinking?

leazwell - Ray is dead? Who are we to quibble about such points - my theory is that even dead, he is now as able to use an ATM as he ever was! Ja wohl! We can't have anyone feel excluded, even from crap they can't see. Next up: food processors for grizzly bears.

lj - that Rubber Boot sign reference reminds me that I haven't developed my pics from the trip to Amarillo. I MUST do that soon! The blind person sign reminds me that in the trailer park where my grandma lived there was a sign that said "Deaf Children" for the deaf people that lived there.

tam - I am delighted when people take leave of their moorings and come with me on flights of fancy, else life would be too dull. Yeah, it's the literal, technically minded who suck the joy out of every situation! Thanks for the link - like I said in the comments there: great minds...