Saturday, June 03, 2006

I heard last weekend that the new season of Deadwood commences on June 11, and I was ecstatic. This show is more testosterone-laden than the Sopranos, if you can imagine, and full of grit and sundry varieties of filth. I love it.

The overseer of all the goings on in town, whorehouse/saloon master Swearingen functions as the ultimate Filthy McNasty, cursing his kidney stones, barking orders at cowering minions and plotting world domination, occasionally interrupting his harangues to berate the unfortunate female under the desk.

My joy was short-lived, as I've just learned that HBO will not renew Deadwood for another season. Desolation! I loved Carnivale, but I always knew its days were numbered: the public is only going to buy so many showdowns between a messianic figure and a minion of Beelzebub. But Deadwood? You'd take away my Deadwood? Alas! Say it isn't so?

OK. I'll fight through it. Just don't even THINK about taking away Rome, HBO, or you'll have me to reckon with.

Me, addicted to tv? Nah.


Z said...

I have never seen Deadwood, and if it's as good as you say, maybe I shouldn't bother. I hate it when they take things off the air. Rome is fantastic (mmmmm Titus Pullo). I hope there will be more of them.

Heather B said...

I know how you feel, I get almost embarrassed over my love of some shows - if they ever take LOST away I may throw myself off a bridge.

Dick said...

I tried watching a few episodes of Deadwood and couldn't get into it.
It was just a bit too girly for me. Not gritty enough.
True story.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't really get into the show, but I am sure I was missing out on something. It's disheartening that even HBO is starting to sell out it's shows.

Tam said...

I'm not much of a TV watcher, but I was bummed when they cancelled the last show I really got interested in (Firefly) before I even figured out it was on the air.

:P fuzzbox said...

If they take Deadwood off the air, it just proves that they are cocksuckers. I just love how they use that word.

LJ said...

Oh now you reminded me. What I MISS. HBO. Never got to see Carnivale - and heard so much about it.
But I empathize about Deadwood and really liked what I've seen of the series.
I once made a complete ass of myself (along with hundreds of other junkies)when an episode of "Twin Peaks" has pre-empted by sports. I phoned the TV station to complain. Sports? Sports???!! Have these people NO sense at all. No mercy?

phlegmfatale said...

turboslut - Rome began shooting this month at Cinecitta studios in Rome. Yee Haw. Titus Pullo? Hot Damn! Boy, was he ever up for it with Cleopatra, or WHAT? My mouth fell open. Let's just say I'll be buying the dvd of the season. Can't believe they killed off Lucius' wife - she was so lovely. Oh, and Caesar dead??? Who saw that coming? *wink* Yes, we need many more seasons of Rome. Call it educational.

heather b - my sister is utterly besotted with Lost - I'll have to rent the dvd sometime and watch from the beginning

dick - *LOL* I think Deadwood is the grittiest thing I've ever seen, except maybe Das Boot. Never change!

jacquie - I didn't like Sex & the City, but it was better than the usual regular tv crap and NO COMMERCIALS! It sucks when they end something as high-quality as Deadwood.

tam - I heard about Firefly after the fact too, and it's a disheartening thing when they don't have an extended run of higher-quality programming. Meh.

fuzzbox - do you think they used the word "cocksucker" in every sentence during the gold rush the way they do in Deadwood? I sort of became numb to it, like all the tits in "Showgirls" - it becomes part of the furniture.

lj - Carnival had incredible costumes from the Depression era, and hoochie dancers and a gripping story line, but the writing suffered toward the end, as usually happens. Sports? meh! sacrilege to bump a great show with sports coverage. pa-tooey!

Becky said...

I was just about to tell you that they started shooting Rome already, but it looks like you figured that out:) I love The Sopranos, but haven't quite found the same attachment to Deadwood and I'm not sure why, as I like westerns and the word "fuck."

Anonymous said...

Can't do the "Rome" thing. Between the baffling bullshit that was Guccione's "Caligula" and the dazzling brilliance that was "I, Claudius", "Rome" has fallen (groan) somewhere betwixt and between. "Elizabeth I" was better fare in my book even if it was a mini series.
Catch Clancy Brown on "Lost"? The devil's minion ended up as a Desert Storm Cmmndr/Dharma button pusher. Too bad "Carnavale" got too David Lynch-ey mid season, it might have been picked up again.

phlegmfatale said...

becky - yup, i'm on the case, babe. Sopranos never really reeled me in, though I watched a few episodes. LOVED James Gandolfini - hot! - in True Romance, as a grinning, leering, almost lovable homicidal maniac. Deadwood didn't hook me at first, but I LOVE Brad Dourif, the amazing actor who plays the doctor. Good stuff.

anonymous - I can understand how you are spoiled after I Claudius (brilliant writing, and Hurt was inimitable as Caligula - ew!) and the pornographic Caligula - what a mess! I admit, Rome for me is all about the totty. Titus Pullo having it off with Cleopatra, Lucius Vorenus with his earnestness, Atia sending a rival a gift of a jewel-encrusted gold turtle carried by a slave with an enormous penis ("large penis is always welcome" she said), and well, I'm sold on it.
Haven't watched Elizabeth I, though Helen Mirren was the one riveting thing in Caligula, in my opinion.
No- didn't see Lost, at all - though I have always loved Clancy Brown since he was the Kurgan in the Highlander movie. Except for that horrid curly hairdo in Blue Steel with Jamie Lee Curtis, yuck.
Did you know he's the voice of Mr. Krab on Spongebob Squarepants and sings the theme song? LOVE him. Loved him in Shawshank redemption, too. Good actor, him.