Monday, June 26, 2006

All my family came over today for a belated sort of Father's Day gathering. Niece and nephew are spending the night here, and I flipped the tv over to On Demand to find some toons to knock out the wonder boy. He's a little dynamo, and it's hard for him to get to sleep. He was talking about the crocogators and slightly wound up.

I found some Power Puff Girl episodes and turned one on. To my delight, the episode featured Him, who you might have guessed was my favorite villain of the series. He's a magically delicious prancing pooftie bad-guy. Kinda like a darker version of Prince only in red instead of purple.

The floormats of my last pickup were Power Puff Girls, andI sorta think about cleaning them up and putting them in Loulou the Baby Shoe™(my new chariot) sometime. I wish there were Billy & Mandy floormats available. Any cartoon that involves retarded characters with names like Evil con Carne is music to my eyes. Good stuff.

Anyway - sorry I've been sort of a cross-eyedy vegetable when I've posted lately - we should be back to the same old more interesting crap tomorrow if I can get a little rest, and then I'll be back in the swing of leaving my crappy comments on all your blogs, too. Have a great Monday.


Anonymous said...

I ignored the power puff girls phenom. Maybe I will check them out since you have impeccable taste!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful day! We had so much fun and the food was yummy. Be back as soon as possible, in fact I may be floating in your pool when you get home tomorrow. A

Dick said...

It was Ninja turtles in my house for a few years. Then, I grew out of that phase.

LJ said...

Me, I LOVE the name of your car. Also the sentence, "He's a magically delicious prancing pooftie bad-guy."
And your "crap" the always interesting.

phlegmfatale said...

jacquie - Yeah, they're a little dated, but hilarious. Billy & Mandy is a little more evil, and a little fresher, but I still love PPG.

r - yes, they are dainty men and Him is probably an awesome dancer

nongirlfriend - I'm looking forward to the chance to read your blog and catch up on what's been going on with you.

Hey, sister B-I-L, niece & nephew - SO glad you could come over and give me a chance to get my gourmet on - I haven't prepared anything fancy-ish for other humans to eat in a while, so it was fun! I'll try to keep the kitchen well-stocked for you all summer - consider this an open invitation to use the pool any time! Love ya.

dick - I missed out on the TMNT - but I understood the appeal... are you saying I'll grow out of the PPG? :o(

phlegmfatale said...

lj - Awww, thanks! It's a cute thing, and LLTBS just fit. If I'd had a daughter, I would have wanted to name her LouLou, even though there are evil obese conotations to my Hee-Haw-watching family, Lulu being the tragically enormous lady on the show. Glad you like my stuff on my blog. I like yours, too. In fact, everyone on my blog role has a really distinctive blog that amuses me trememdously. See ya soon, hon - can't wait to check your progress on the gauntlets

LJ said...

Progress published on the bead page, honey. But I sometimes feel like Sisyphus with this thing.

Loved the blog on writing. God I envy people that write like it's breathing. What? Everyone doesn't do that? Why?

By the way, if this comment comes through 300 times - it's Blogger's fault!