Wednesday, September 03, 2008

When we were on vacation for a week a few weeks back, Miss Praline got to spend some quality time with a matronly dog (Flo's lovely Miss Allie, the Sheltie) who taught her some better manners. Now that we've been home alone together a couple weeks now, some of that good influence is wearing off. The photo above was taken at the end of the week and on the way home. I rather sense in her eyes that Allie was tired of Praline's crap. But Praline was SO much the better for it, and of course, companionship is good for a dog.

Thus are we on the lookout for another small dog to add to our little pack to give her companionship. I'm perusing the dog rescue pages for all the immediate area. It's amazing to look at all the pictures. My heart really goes out to them all. One ad said "I'm a really good dog but my family left me at the shelter when they moved to another state. I guess that state doesn't allow dogs." Saw that more than once - family moved and dumped the dog. Or they got a puppy and dumped the older dog. You really have to wonder how people can be so callous to a little furball.

Well, there's a few dogs me and Praline will be visiting over the next several days, I suppose. Believe it or not, the front-runner only has 3 legs, but he's a spiky little dude. We'll see. I'll give you a report when there's news to tell. Here's the scrappy little 3-legged guy. Isn't he just adorable???
Will report again when there is news to tell.


Christina RN LMT said...

What a wonderful idea, Phlegmmy!

Tripod looks adorable; hope everything works out for you and your canine crew.

Buck said...

You really have to wonder how people can be so callous to a little furball.

Agreed. I think those type of people are "accessorizing," as opposed to taking in a member of the family. And like you, I simply can't get my head around that attitude. At all.

Funny you should mention a three-legged dog. My new neighbor has an old dog that recently became three-legged because some SOB shot him. Yet another "WTF?" kinda moment... There's a lot of things I don't "get" in life, but cruelty toward animals just might be Numero Uno.

Rabbit said...

What a great little Tripod dog!

I think he'd be perfect!



phlegmfatale said...

christina - he IS adorable, isn't he?

buck - When I got Valentine, I think some in my inner circle thought she was an accessory for me (she was!) and just a passing fancy(snort!). Just because she was chic and lovely didn't mean I didn't choose her for her good personality. Same goes with Praline, the wonderpup. I knew someone with a one-eyed German Shepherd once who named her Hera, for the one-eyed Greek goddess. Hyuk.

Rabbit - I hope he IS perfect for us. :)

Unknown said...

Having a special needs dog myself, they are really lovable :) Two is definitely a handful, but I know Kona couldn't survive without a buddy (though Reese is far more independent). Ted and I were just talking this weekend that if we ever get another dog, we'd look for a rescue (I got both of mine from my bro). There are so many nice dogs out there that deserve a nice home.