Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I live in close range of two bodies of water which no doubt produce mosquitoes in impressive numbers.

When the pups go out, I always go out back with them and climb down the stairs to ground level and sit while they play or do their business. Sometimes I read or play solitaire on my Palm thingie, but mostly I'm just in awe of how the skeeters swarm us. Yes, I even see them getting after the pups- it's noticeable against Praline's white coat. This morning I was dazzled to see - after 42 years of living in the south - for the first time, two mosquitoes riding piggy back for some reason. Something had to be done.

Well, this morning - BRAIN WAVE! - I took out my hand-held bug zapper. I've had it around as a novelty, but never had occasion to really put it through its paces. It has a contact on either side of the handle which you squeeze together to send the charge through the wires of the racquet face, et voila! Bob's your uncle.

I took it out, and played with it a bit - noticed it does emit a very high frequency zinging sort of buzz when the charge goes through it. Sat on the steps and waited for the corpses to pile up.

You know what? After I sat down with that thing, nary a mosquito came near me. I DID so want to kill some, but keeping them away from me, I'd say mission accomplished.

I think I need to put up some bat boxes.


Buck said...

Now that bug zapper just looks COOL. I had one of those big-ass electric ones hanging on patios-and-decks-past and it was Insect Shock And Awe when a June bug flew into that thing. Verrah entertaining, that was.

Anonymous said...

My bat boxes have made a large dent in the flying critter population. The info I researched alluded to somewhere around 1000 mosquitos a nite are needed to keep a brown bat fat and sassy

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We used to have a little brown bat living inside our patio umbrella for two summers. It was adorable and fascinating, although the cat was the mst fascinated. Did cut into the mosquitoes though.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

LOVE to hear the bats chirp at night. And when you're wavin' that thing around, does it make a sound like a light saber? OK, I'm just a huge nerd. I'll slink away now.

Rabbit said...

Ah crap. I meant to go to Fry's and pick one of those Bug Rackets up tonight, but I stopped at Micro Center instead. I did score a cool binary clock, though.

I'd just end up using the bug racket on the damned kid, though.

Bat boxes would just be so cool at your place, though. I imagine that you could find room in the budget for a few. I keep meaning to build one for my backyard, but they roost in the trees at the fenceline anyway.


Dr. B said...

Had one of these when I lived in the Caribbean for medical school and I loved it! The little blue spark in the dark when something fried was the best. My friend shocked himself with it too many times to count.