Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Formula One driver Ricardo Patrese gives his wife a bit of a scare. As her eyes grow large and her hair strains for the horizontal, she says lots of stuff that sounds threatening in Italian and even manages one rude gesture before she figures out she's being filmed. Some things you don't need the words to understand.

shamelessly purloined from DBA Dude.


John B said...

At least she's a good sport when he points out the cam. Most of my GFs would have kilt me. 'Splains why I'm still single.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I get the impression from watching that video that the happy couple had a conversation on the prior day, something to the effect of:

"Honey, that looks like a lot of fun. Take me for a ride, please?"

"You wouldn't like it. You scare easily."

"(cursing in Italian, which sounds TOTALLY HAWT, btw...) Take me for a ride! I can handle it!!!"

"(evil grin) Okay. Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are on camera?"


phlegmfatale said...

john b - I suspect that woman gives as good as she gets. And judging by the little smile on his face as she ranted, he was thoroughly enjoying the ride. I'll bet he was thinking "she thinks this is fast."

speakertweaker - No telling. Yeah, she's gorgeous.

Diane said...

Gosh, that looks like fun. For all that she never stopped swearing - err, talking, she really didn't look that terrified. Meanwhile, he's calm as a cucumber.

Turk Turon said...

Mama Mia, that was funny!

Zelda said...

Cursing in Italian only sounds hot when hot people do it. But she was absolutely hilarious. I wouldn't have been nearly so good a sport. There would have been brains splattered on the windows and they wouldn't have been mine.

Matt G said...

Damn, that's funny.
Proof that the calm guy with skilz can indeed win the babe, even if he scares the hell out of her.

phlegmfatale said...

diane - again, he KNOWS from fast, so he could just be amused by her "terror"

turk turon - I thought it was adorable

zelda - true - hot quotient is a factor. I thought it was really cute. I'm all about the safety factor, though. When someone knows how to handle the machine, that's one thing. I'd lose my mind if some mere mortal tried to hot-dog with me in the car, though. hell to pay, and whatnot.

matt - I thought so, too! Yeah, he's got mad skills, indeedy.

Tam said...

When I had my Porsche 924S, it needed a clutch replacement.

I took it to a shop run by an expat Irishman and former Formula 3 champ. When I came to pick up the car that night, he asked if I wanted to take it for a check run before paying, I demurred, saying he was far better able to tell if the clutch was fixed than I was.

"Well, hop in, luv."

We spent the next thirty minutes rocketing through the pitch-dark night down what y'all Texans would call "farm-to-market" roads at triple digit velocities, luridly drifting through corners and the engine sounding like the soundtrack to a video game as it moaned and spat up and down through the gears. He calmly described everything that was happening as we did it.

I have never felt safer in a car in all my life.

We wound up dating. It was a wonderful summer.

phlegmfatale said...

tam - I wasn't in awe enough of you already before that story. Very, very cool!

My dad is one of those amazing drivers who just knows how to handle a vehicle, and it is a safe feeling.

Roberta X said...

Is it just me, Tam, or does she look a whooooole lot like a blogger we both know?

...I have to admire her sporting reaction to the prank. Don't know if I'd've been as good about it. Thinkin' not. I've seen too many low probablilities come true.

phlegmfatale said...

who, roberta? - breda? Yeah, she was sporting about it. Then again, with his rakish good looks and easy charm, I'll bet Riccardo's easy to forgive.