Saturday, September 06, 2008

Of course, this is all purely hypothetical...

Let's say someone had a puppeh.

Let's say mebbe a cat or cats occasionally pooped in the fenced-in back yard of puppeh.

Not mentioning any names or anything, but, um what if puppeh liked to eat said poops?

Um, is there anything the hypothetical person responsible for that yard could do to ward off the offending felines? Cat bane?

Ugh. No more kissies for puppeh.

Well, er, the hypothetical puppeh.
That is to say if such a puppeh existed.

Which it does not.*

*Um, any advice you can give would be appreciated.



Anonymous said...

unfortunately, this is a fairly normal doggie "snack," and is easier to prevent if it occurs indoors around, say, a designated feline toileting area.

honestly, in the yard, your best bet along with scooping all species' of poop every day is to sprinkle said poops liberally w/ red pepper flakes and/or hot sauce... just make sure there's water around for the dog ;) , and be prepared to repeat as necessary in coming days/weeks.

Attila the Mom said...


No clue about cats, especially if they're not yours.

Our big dog used to like to follow the little dogs around for a hot snack---to the point where she'd stick her nose so far up their butts she'd lift up their hind legs and push them around like wheelbarrows.

A little Adolph's meat tenderizer in the food or canned pumpkin took care of that pretty quickly.

I won't kiss a poop eater either. feh.

Scratch Ankle said...

You might find that certain hypothecial puppies also eat their own poop. Actually it's more playing than eating but it's still poop in the mouth.

That bit of information doesn't solve the problem with cats stopping in the yard, but even if it did you aren't necessarily fixing the poop eating/playing either.

Now I'll finish my breakfast.

Zdogk9 said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM! Kitty Roca. Daisy Red Ryder,they work, this will make relations with the neighbors strained if they find out. You've already figured out the most important thing though. DON'T KISS THE PUP.

Buck said...

There's no cure, AFAIK. I fought the same war with every dog I ever had. And lost.

Home on the Range said...

I used to have this great little MGB, which I traded flying lessons to the owner for.

It needed some work, but was pretty nifty. Except one window wouldn't quite close all the way, not a big problem as I was living in the desert at the time. The neighbor's car however, decided to use it as a litter box a couple of times.

I let my 120 pound husky, on a cool fall night, then sleep in the car. I woke up to WOOFFFF. . . MEOWWW. . .HISSSSSSS. BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK.

The dog was all happy and unharmed. The cat wouldn't come within 10 feet of my property after that.

Your problem, short of the red pepper idea, I'm not sure. Sorry.

Amy said...

Around here, we like to employ what I call "cat medicine." Others like to call it a Have-a-Heart trap and a local animal control officer. Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe. Either way, it worked right quick to solve our cat poop problem.

Mauser*Girl said...

There's no way that I'm aware of that will keep cats out of your yard, unfortunately.

I know some people put out moth balls to keep cats away, which doesn't work AND is dangerous for the cats and the puppy (it will kill them). So if you read that somewhere, that's an old wife's tale.

The best (only) way to keep puppy from eating kitty roca is to scour the yard and remove said roca before puppy goes outside - or walk puppy on a leash so you can see where he's sniffing and eating.

If it makes you feel any better, dogs have enzymes in their saliva that "sanitize" their mouths and it's pretty safe to get kisses if you wait half an hour or more after consumption. (Researched that when we raw fed, since we were worried about stuffs coming from the raw meats.)

Ann diPomazio said...

Poopcicles! I was cursed for two decades with such a problem. Though, my dogs didn't care if it was left by a cat or another dog. The worst part of the whole situation was that the older dogs would teach it to the new members of our family so I was cursed for a very long time. Herding breads are more likely to partake in such activities. Anyhow, you might try to change the behavior by telling her "Ahhht, NO!" whilst in the act. You can also put some pebbles in a can and tape it up then toss it (not at her but in her direction) coupled with the NO!.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My sweet lil Ginger dog was a self consumer as a pup. I put the stuff in her food that was supposed to prevent it. Seemed like extra whipped cream on a hot fudge sundae. Anyway, she's now 9 1/2 years old and I still occasionally catch her near the litter box with a true shit-eatin' grin on her face.

Wish the hypothetical owner of the hypothetical pup good luck.

jcat said...

Haha.... my BFF had a dog called 'Catch it', named after said dogs fave snack!

It's a dog thing. Hypothetical puppeh was born with a taste for it, and will indulge at every opportunity. Just avoid tongue kisses for a while post-snack.

Depending on size of the hypothetical yard, what does work is liberal application of citronella oil to all the fences and walls. As a side effect will also keep the yard free of all mosquitos and related flying things!

Anonymous said...

There's a motion activated sprinkler that looks like a scarecrow that can be used to keep cats away.
The idea with water works, I used waterguns to keep cats away before, and the motionactivated sprinkler will work when you are not there standing guard.

Zdogk9 said...

And in the unlikely event that the puppeh gives up this disgusting habit/addiction, the day will come when you are on a walk puppeh off the lead. Next thing you know she'll be on her back four paws up writhing in joy. Trust me it is time for a bath. Or you'll be walking on the beach and she'll be wallowing in a really dead seal. Mine seem to think elk poop is the best but that's because I wont let them near a dead seal.

phlegmfatale said...

anonymous - well, there's the rub: this kitty has been burying its poops in the flower bed - i'd have to sift the whole thing daily. Meh!

phlegmfatale said...

atilla tm - hot snack? *gag!* That cracked me up!

scratch ankle - oh, if ONLY it were her own poop, which smells SO much more appetizing than the cat poo. Indeed, my doggie just does tootsie rolls, by comparison.

zdogk9 - kitty roca -- HILARIOUS! Nope. no puppeh kisses, alas!

buck *sigh*

brigid - if only I could borrow a 120# husky for evenings for the next bit... That's a fabulous story!

amy - good solution - Dallas is a leash-only zone for cats and dogs. It's the law.

mauser*girl - thanks for that bit about the enzymes- that is at least a comfort. I wouldn't bother getting rid of the occasional cat at the risk of hurting the wee pup. I'll just have to deal with it.

rocketgirl - ah, I should just give up!

myron - LOL! Thanks for the well wishes!

jcat - wow - great idea about the citronella!

erik - that sprinkler sounds like the best ideer of all, so far, except it would dowse the doggie when she goes out every time. Still... hmm...

zdogk9 - oh, I remember from my last jack russell how she reveled in finding the ripest, rottenest putrefactions, and liked to daub it behind her ears like perfume. yeuch! There is a decided dearth of dead seal and elk poop on the streets of Dallas. I obviously need to move, for the well being of Her Highness the Royal Pup.

Anonymous said...

How about an electric fence around the flower bed? Say, 1-Volt, 120Amps? Then you can honestly say to the neighbor, when the cat's been fried, "Honestly, it was only a 1-volt electric fence." Heh.

J.R.Shirley said...

You could put a low-voltage wire around the top of the fence. Not harmful, but repulsive to climbing mammals.

Zdogk9 said...

They discovered a new favoritest thing in the whole world this morning. Elk poop topped off with really un-fresh Dungeness Crab. I'm off to pressure wash the bed of the pickup as soon as it warms up a bit. They were confused and couldn't decide whether to roll in or eat the above, so they did both.