Thursday, May 21, 2015
As ever,
I am furniture for pups!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom.

Here's a cute video I hope will give you a giggle.
I love you. :)
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Saturday, May 09, 2015
An exceptional performance:

Sierra Boggess performing The Lusty Month of May from Camelot in the BBC Proms 2012 - Broadway Sound with the John Wilson Orchestra

Rather adorable. Lusty month of May, with myriad tornadoes gaily tripping about the place. 
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A tale of woe.
I will preface this by saying I am not a medical professional, but...

I was talking to a girlfriend recently and she mentioned an injury on her daughter's foot, and said she'd treat it daily with peroxide. One profound and (to me) shocking thing I learned in nursing school is that while peroxide can initially be useful for bubbling debris out of a messy cut (like a badly skinned knee with rocks and sand and dirt in the wound), hydrogen peroxide is generally not recommended for wound care. Peroxide dissolves proteins. This is no bueno for your healthy tissue, which is in part made up of proteins. Peroxide is used in industrial applications for many things, including as a corrosive agent to clean metals. Yes, hydrogen peroxide will kill germs, but it also is now believed to kill new cells. The new cells are what you want to promote healing of the wound. A bottle of sterile saline is better to keep on hand for irrigating a wound. I would only use peroxide for such a thing in extreme conditions where nothing sterile was available to work with.

Similarly, alcohol is also capable of burning your skin. Here's a link to some myths about wounds and wound care, which includes more detail on peroxide and alcohol. This site acknowledges that there is a debate over the use of hydrogen peroxide on wounds, but based on what I have learned, cleaning with a mild soapy solution and keeping a wound moist with anti-biotic or anti-fungal cream as appropriate is a better approach. Many believe that even if the peroxide isn't actively doing damage, it at least slows the healing process.

Since I've always been particularly interested in wound care, I asked my MedSurg I professor about why the practice of using hydrogen peroxide and alcohol on wounds has not been more prominently debunked for the general public. She said that nurses have not really taken that on as part of their education campaign, and have perhaps focused on bigger-picture concepts when educating patients. I really think this is something that deserves greater emphasis.

When I was a kid, I wore the shoes that were of the then-current style. These often had synthetic linings, and my feet would sweat and break out in watery blisters. (leather linings, for me these days.)  Thinking I was helping the process, I'd wipe peroxide on my feet before bed. After a few nights awakening with a burning sensation on my feet, I decided that perhaps the peroxide was not helping. Then I pretty much forgot about this for about 40 years.

LawDog told me that early in his career he worked as EMT/security at an industrial plant. They kept a form of peroxide on hand for cleaning copper. He said a 55 gallon drum of a blue type of peroxide (this was probably not hydrogen peroxide, as there are several flavors of the stuff) was hit by a forklift and gushed over a man's leg, and the flesh of his leg dissolved down to the bone before the chemical could be irrigated away with a water flush. A tourniquet was applied at the thigh to prevent further loss of blood, and of course, he lost the leg. Ouch.

I met a woman a couple years ago who told me about her husband's demise. He was a house-flipper, and was frequently banged up from his usual activities in prepping houses. He banged the thumb on his non-dominant hand with a hammer, and smashed it pretty good, but he didn't see a doctor. He kept it bandaged and nursed it along with hydrogen peroxide. It was nearly healed and he was going without a bandage when he smashed it with a hammer again, and this time much worse. He practiced self-care and would not show it to his wife. She noticed he'd had it bandaged for months and when she realized his thumb seemed to be increasing in size, she insisted he show her the thumb, which was in a ghastly state. She finally persuaded him to see a doctor, but the infection in his thumb was so advanced that he died quite soon of sepsis. The peroxide did not kill this man, I'm sure, but it didn't heal him, either. The lesson here is that non-healing wounds need to go to a doctor, STAT.

Again I say I'm not a medical professional, and there is not universal agreement on this issue. If you're reading this, you have access to the internet and I encourage you to seek out more information and draw your own conclusions. The Mayo clinic is gold standard to many folks, and here's a great basic site they have for care of cuts and scrapes. Make sure your hands are clean, and when possible, keep nitrile gloves on hand if you are helping to care for a someone with a wound that needs tending.

One of the things I find compelling about wound care is the profound ability of the body to regenerate tissue and to heal-- it's truly amazing. We have access to so much good information (and so much that is bogus), that it's easier than ever to manage and recover from injuries. A lifetime of perceptions is a lot to overcome, but it can be done, particularly when there are better alternatives available.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015
My sweet mother is in surgery right now.
I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for her well-being.

UPDATE: Thanks to all  my sweet friends who contacted me to wish Mom well. Her surgery went well and she is home and recovering.
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Sunday, May 03, 2015
Sunday, Puppy Sunday: Snoopy dog pose
I'm reading for lit class, and Chuy and Mochi are next to me in Snoopy pose, heads hanging over the edge of the sofa. So cute and sweet. 
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Monday, April 27, 2015
Nine years ago today...
...Keith Richards sustained a head injury from falling out of a coconut tree. Murray Lachlan Young says best what we were all thinking:

Hopefully the link works now?
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Saturday, April 18, 2015
Saturday bonus pups
Here's the puppies doing their sun-bunny routine on the back steps. It's a joy to see them bask in the sunshine after a shivery winter. :)
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Friday, April 17, 2015
Busy. Busy.
The semester is winding down. Two of my classes don't have a final, but that's because they have other huge projects that I need to finish in the next few weeks. Ugh.

Life has continued very busy. Allergies have plagued me the entire semester. I went to the doctor in February and he had me double up on allergy pills, so I take one morning and night, but even with that and the lubricating eye drops, my eyes stay pink and irritated.  It's not like regular pinkeye- the insides of my eyelids don't feel like sandpaper - but it has been pretty miserable. Half my eyelashes are gone, I think, and most days, makeup is out of the question. Good thing I wake up naturally cute. ;P

Temperatures have been warmer these past few weeks. I'm dreading the summer electric bills, but it's been nice that puppies aren't constantly shivering.

I was very sorry I could not attend the NRA convention this year. I love Tennessee, and would have enjoyed a visit, but I hope I can make the Knoxville event next year. I was glad to get reports of so many friends who were able to go. It sounds like it was an enjoyable gathering.

One aspect of my life that has materially improved by virtue of nursing school is the discovery of clogs. They are super comfortable. They're mostly not very cute, but for walks, they are vastly superior to shoes made for sport, in my opinion. I love not having to fool with laces, and they seem to absorb impact quite well. In the past few weeks, I've been walking more frequently, and my knee problem seems finally to be clearing up. I was making major progress last summer, but the school schedule conflicted too dramatically to attend spin classes, and the spin bike at the school gym was almost always occupied, thus not worth the drive in on the outside chance. Through the year I just nutted up and powered through the nagging knee pain, but sometimes it would wake me up at night. No bueno.  I can walk for hours with no problem, but for some reason, standing in one spot really kills me. So, yeah, improved.

I moseyed over to Denton last week to see a roller derby match with Duke City Derby from Albuquerque playing the Unicorns from Denton. The female announcer was particularly entertaining. Then I was delighted to stop by and visit Holly and Johnny, then we all went to Matt G's where his lovely wife had rustled up a gorgeous Beef Wellington. LabRat and Stingray were in town, and it was a lovely occasion.

I'm working on getting employment lined up for when school gets out. It will be nice not to have homework for a while. This semester has been pretty disorganized for me at home. I tend to think that if you're only in school full time and not at a job, it would be easy to keep all your ducks in a row, but I manage to barely hold it together a lot of the time. Right now, for example, I've just composed a blog post to take a break from writing a literary review for a research project.

Oh well. Break's over. Back on my head.
I'll try to post again soon. :)
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Like waving a red flag at a bull.
Some days I have an early class and I'm usually rushing out of the house. In recent times, I've made a practice of making up my bed, but this is unlikely to occur on early class days. Today I got back from my morning class and the pups had been out, and I was doing small chores around the place. A load of towels is washing, and the day is sunny and bright-- I should be able to line-dry at least two or three loads of laundry. On one errand into the bedroom, I stopped to make the bed.

I peeled back the covers, and took the still-crisp flat sheet at the foot of the bed, and snapped it into the air, making its little cotton-lightning sound as it flapped about 5' in the air. Before the sheet could gently settle onto the bed, in came a little ginger FurTubeā„¢ to muss the proceedings. Indeed, Mochi finds the sound of bed-making nigh irresistible. She flounced under the sheet, making a messy little lump, quickly followed by a tentative rodeo bronc buck or two. As she expected and hoped, I snapped the sheet up again, and she commenced the awfulest bunch of flouncing you ever saw, all floppy ears and tail in a circle, awaiting the inevitable descent of the sheet. At these moments, she is all puppy, all exuberance. For this, and so many other reasons, my dogs remind me there is joy to be found in every day.
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Monday, April 06, 2015
Bonus Monday pups
My sweet doggies make every day better. They're hinting heavily that it's bed time. :)
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Sunday, April 05, 2015
Sunday, Puppy Sunday: bedtime, already!
Sorry to be so inactive here of late. Super busy with school and life in general. Here's what you could call a heavy hint that the pups are ready for bed. Given their druthers, they'd hit the rack as soon as th sun touched the horizon. Sweet dears. I'll try to post again sooner!
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Sunday, March 22, 2015
Sunday, Puppy Sunday: rubbish bin edition
I've been wondering when Mochi would crack the code to the divine mysteries of the trash can. 
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Thursday, March 19, 2015
Home again.
Plumb tuckered out. 
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