Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One's breeding will always out.

There's a blog called I Miss My Mommy at Nope. I didn't hyperlink it. You can get there, if you really mean to. In it, some intellectual giant makes "funny" comments in Downs-speak from the perspective of Trig Palin.

uh, yeah.

I love the fact that-- however anonymously-- people are stepping it up and letting be known the truly callous, cruel aspects of their nature. The same folks who circled the wagons for Al Gore when his wastrel offspring got a DWI are gleefully lampooning a little "tardy" baby.
Stay classy.

Were they born yesterday, or do they (hypocritically) pretend not to remember all the whining about how Chelsea was off-limits?

Whatever other things they may be, the person(s) who composed that blog-- they are irretrievably pathetic. Frankly, I'd rather have DS than be someone like that--for that would be a true curse.

And like one of their commenters said, well-done on driving the nails into your own coffin. You're a limber thing, darling. Yoga, much?


theirritablearchitect said...

More of that "projection" thing that the left is notorious for its dealings in.

I've not been the first to point out that they're not anything like the tolerant mass they claim to be.

Nothing will ever satisfy them except ultimate control, and even then, they'll lay claim to certain factions or usurpers who're actively resisting their attempts at utopia.

They're too caught up in the ideology.

Kevin said...

Fools like that toughened me up early, my Brother has DS, so I have heard it all, and busted quite a few heads in my youth sticking up for my Big Brother. Even now, five decades on, Living with me, he inspires me and and teaches me humility and patience.

Now I mostly ignore the insecure idiots and their websites, and let them wallow in their own filth. But I'm not sure if I am man enough to show self control if I ever heard such tripe in person I would have to teach them the meaning of the word "respect" and how it feels to be humbled and dependent on others for the weeks as the recuperate.

phlegmfatale said...

irritable architect - Yup. Indeed, they show themselves for the ill-bred whelps they are. They must be miserable, but that's no excuse.

kevin - People that boorish do deserve to soil themselves and be fed through tubes. I'd have a hard time faulting someone who put them in such a state.

Thud said...

death throes are never attractive...they will be put out of their misery pretty soon....bye bye obambi!

Buck said...

Ya know, I just don't seem to remember this sort of behavior before, say, 1994. Which is about the time the internet really started to come on line and be a truly public place, accessible to any freakin' idjit. There may have been pamphlets and/or mimeographed sheets circulated about but I never saw anything... not once... comparable to the gross indecency and outright hate we're exposed to every freakin' day on the 'net. Even a cursory trip to the Kos Kidz place, or Firedoglake... and those are mainstream web sites... will turn your stomach. Or DU, truly a sewer.

I'm not sayin' the Right is blameless, but 90% of the outrages I see DO seem to occur on the Left. What a nice bunch of folks.

I don't want to go back to 1994, though. Don't get me wrong. I just want the frickin' Left to STFU and walk their supposed walk. Peace, Love, and Understanding... My Ass.


SpeakerTweaker said...

I would very much like to meet the author of that website. I'd like to teach him about the challenges of having a d... You know what? Hell with that.

I'd drop him where he stood and feed him to the vultures.

Tam said it best once. What this world needs is a twenty-foot flying predator. Hell, I'd start a religion to such a creature just so I could have an excuse to sacrafice assholes like this to it.


Anonymous said...

You should watch the Jackie Chan/Samo Hung movie "Heart of Dragon" where Jackie plays a cop and Samo Hung plays his mentally handicapped older brother. It will tug at your heartstrings and make you cry, but in the end, Jackie kicks all the bad guys' asses.

Seriously, go get this movie!!!

Zelda said...

First rule of politics: Leave the kids alone. It never, ever, EVER goes well.

The upside is that more exposure these people get, the less likely anyone with a soul is to vote for the candidate they seek to elect.

Catmoves said...

How sad that a potential means of human contact, learning and communication, should be used to denigrate the lives of children.
It is beneath my dignity to comment any further on this trash.

theirritablearchitect said...


Bless you, sir. That is one of the most kind acts that I could ever imagine, taking permanent care of a sibling with any sort of challenge such as DS.

I've had serious contact with this issue myself, having a first cousin who has the developmental level of a 10 year old...and now has a son of her own. A situation that my aunt now has to deal with raising a grandson as more like her son, at 50+ years of age. Very hard on her, and a single parent for almost 20 years as well. True perseverance.

Unknown said...

There isn't even a word to accurately describe someone that would make fun of a child with down's syndrome, politics aside.