Sunday, October 31, 2010
Sunday, puppy Sunday: Andy boy
Overnight at patti's house for Halloween party last night. Andy is a big, fluffy boy and very sweet. Can't wait for him to meet teh puppehs someday.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010
She lost him at "American Beauty"
I have a love/hate thing for John Cusack. I love a few of his movies, but I find his political bombast tedious and pretentious. It's as if he's perennially spooling out the do-nothing anti-capitalist of Say Anything. *yawn*

Anyhoo, I came across this clip Friday. The tape is rolling and first thing you know, he's crammed in a couple of rack-checks before she blows the whole thing to hell with off-the-mark pre-interview banter. If you've seen any of his films, you've seen him go into that condescending mode, too-cool-for-the-room. He leans way back, levels an unkind gaze her way and rubs his nose. Is that a mafia gang sign or something? Next thing you know, that rack lost all credibility. I giggled.

Um, he doesn't even look like Kevin Spacey.
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Friday, October 29, 2010
Guilt-free pleasure
Now that summer season has passed, be sure to rifle through markdowns at department and discount stores for cotton jersey sheets(t-shirt material). In my opinion, they are as cozy as flannel sheets without the cheap feeling. (no, AD, not that kind of cheap feeling.). I found some yesterday for less than $10. Woo hoo!!!

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Location:Bed, mit puppehs

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Here's to the ongoing elections.

Remember Gaye Bykers on Acid (and their alter-ego Lesbian Dopeheads on Mopeds)? I do. I liked the way their rollicking beats balanced raunchy guitars that remained still oddly melodic.

Halloweenie Weekend.
Can't wait to see who gets the tricks and who gets the treats two days later.

Does it mean I'm getting cynical if I start to feel the joke's always on us?
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Thursday, October 28, 2010
If Raul Julia and David Lee Roth had a love child... would be this guy... He's a contestant on the UK's X Factor.

...except he totally sounds like Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music.

When it comes to Velveeta Quotient, he totally pegs the cheese meter. I love the "I just hope you have enjoyed the sound of my voice" and the part when he's walking out of the room like a beauty queen pandering to the audience. I love the leopard accents on his ensemble, and I like to imagine the fabric is deerhide wot was chewed into submission by some bedraggled squaw with low self-esteem for His Royal Sauciness to wear.

I enjoyed a honeymoon of about 24 hours last week thinking this guy is sort of adorable, and then it came out in UK tabloids that he's a sex pest, pawing on female contestants and sundry production personnel.

Um, ew. Less adorable than at first glance.

Apparently there's a campaign in England for people to vote on the show for this guy out of sheer loathing for the entertainer competition and for the Simon Cowell-fueled franchise. I'm ambivalent about such things-- but then again, such spite has legs and has even put people in the White House in our own dear Nation, so, uh, que sera, sera.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Catch the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC's Masterpiece Mystery
This is rich, rich stuff. I've been hearing about this version of the famous detective set in contemporary London, and my dear friend Kim raved about it on her blog.

The action begins when Watson comes into Holmes' life, and the exchanges in which they suss each other are cleverly scripted and brilliantly portrayed. The scene at table in the pub was worth the whole hour and 23 minutes.

Watch here. New episodes every Sunday, and I think you'll be able to watch each episode free online for a couple weeks.

"I'm not a psycopath, Anderson, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research." ---Holmes

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Prezzies! I love prezzies!

A couple weeks ago, a customer said he was sending me a present. He sent it to the company's other office in another state. Someone brought the parcel down to me Monday, and was quite keen to know what was in the package. He hovered as I was opening it and asked what the disposition of the customer was at the conclusion of the transaction-- were they angry or happy? I said it was a very happy transaction and I hope he sent me a puppy. I wondered if he thought it was going to be something repugnant or dangerous? *shrug* To little ole me? pffft.

Turns out, it was this exquisite wood box he'd made. The craftsmanship is superb. It's so lovely that I almost didn't know what to put into it at first, but then I realized: Grandma's watch. :)

I mentioned to one of the executives that another customer-- a darling older lady-- had said she was going to send me an edible bouquet. I said I hoped it wasn't a bunch of roses made of fruit-rollup underwear. He 'bout lost it.

Anyway, I'd try my best even if people didn't send me lovely things for doing my job, but it's nice to know that sometimes someone notices the extra effort and wants to show their appreciation. I'll treasure this always. :)
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Monday, October 25, 2010
On the way home this weekend...
...Himself and I were driving along a highway and a patrol car turned on its lights, but pulled over an ass-hauling Expensive Car instead. That felt really odd. I was driving, and at first I'd thought the officer was coming after me. Nope. All was well.

About 5 minutes later, another patrol officer pulled onto the roadway behind myself and some other cars and turned on the pretty, sparkly lights. OOoh! Shiny!

Ruh roh, raggy. Aw crap. This time it was my turn to be pulled over. Speed limit was 70 and I was going about 63.

Nice Officer [not from Himself's department] came up to the side as I was digging in my purse for the paper for my (effective October 1) insurance policy. I handed him my DL and my CHL. He asked if I had a gun with me and where it was, and I responded, and said I was looking for the insurance paper. He seemed nice. My passenger insists I was flustered, that I said "I know I wasn't speeding" and the officer said "your license plate lamp is out." I apologized and said I was not aware of that.

He handed the CHL back to me and took the other docs to his car. He came back and handed me a receipt-like paper, and I thought I kind of caught him grinning, but I can't be sure. He said he was going to give me a warning and that I need to get that light business seen to right away. "Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

So we drove away and Himself was grinning like a possum. [full-of-crap moment dead-ahead] He said "you talked yourself out of that, sweetie-- he was going to give you a ticket." For a second I puffed up inside, thinking maybe the officer surmised I'm obviously a good person and frankly too sweet to give a ticket to. Wait-- I didn't try to weasel my way out of it. No, I couldn't have talked myself out of a ticket, surely not." [this thought process took about a fraction of a second ] I said "Really? You think I talked myself out of that?"

He was smiling big. Too big.

I felt compelled to ask probing questions. Finally I came around to the should-have-been obvious question-- "did you know that guy???"
Himself coyly rejoindered "I may have seen him before..."
"uh, when was the last time you may have seen him?"

Rascal. He then went on to say that he only leaned out and made eye contact with the officer after the officer said he was just going to issue a warning. I know this to be a load of crap, because an officer pulling someone over is going to look at all a vehicle's occupants right off the bat and suss the situation and potential threat level-- am I right or am I right?

My suspicion is that before the officer even locked on my bright blue eyes, the soul-sucking Cthulu-stache was waggling menacingly from the passenger-side, pulling focus, and then he saw who was attached to it. I'll bet they even winked at each other.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010
Sunday, Puppy Sunday
Praline is a goer-- she'd

rather be running around like a banshee than pretty much anything else. That makes it all the more cute the way she obviously adores having her neck scratched. Sweet little furball.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010
In which my big brother was catch of the day...
Some guy out kayak fishing on a lake snagged my big brother's thumb with a pretty heavy duty lure. Went clean to the bone.

...Hooked a boater this AM. Hooked em good in the tip of his thumb deep past the barb. He was around 200lbs and pulled hard for a few seconds then started hollerin & shortly after gave up...

I loved the formal report-style of the catch's stats and particulars. Apparently the angling kayaker made big brother a peace offering of some fish and all fences were properly mended. My brother thanked him and said "we'll have to hook up again sometime."

Yes, there's a deep, deep vein of corn running plumb through my gene pool.

What really freaks me out about this whole story is that two weeks ago, the day be fore my birthday, I bought myself a hat nearly identical to the one he's wearing. Mine is dark brown leather with real fur, but, anyway, funny coincidence. Great minds... My shoe collection is way cuter than his, though.

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Friday, October 22, 2010
Whoopsie! [accidental gun pR0n???]

I was talking on the phone this week several times with someone in another branch of the company. We discussed guns we liked, and a volley of emails ensued. I mentioned a rifle that I want, and said that in truth, the vast majority of my practice has been with handguns because most of my early shooting was done in Dallas at a pistol club where rifles weren't allowed. The tradeoff was worthwhile, I said, because while that aspect was limiting, it was a club which likewise limited membership and where I knew I could safely go alone without worrying about rubbing elbows with thugs or gangbangers.

Nothing really objectionable about that, right?

I got a notice immediately that my outgoing email had been quarantined for profanity. I went back through and scanned what I'd written, all the while enjoying that sinking feeling where you wonder if something with no nefarious intentions could get you called on the carpet or worse with an employer.

Anyway, I hope there won't be any echoes of unpleasantness resulting from my (now I realize) poor choice of words. I thought the term "gangbanger" had entered into the vernacular as a common reference to lowbrow no-account gang-affiliated ne'er-do-wells, so it just didn't occur to me to think of this in the context of something which might be considered sexual in nature.

I got an auto-response email from the head of the IT department after the initial gotcha email. Monday my boss emailed me a picture of him with his .50 caliber, so I'm hopeful he'll turn a blind eye...
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Thursday, October 21, 2010
I will give you plankton.

Every once in a while I come across something that is unto me as squirrelses am unto Praline.

Tuts My Barreh is just such a thing. I can't stop thinking about it. BeeGees, plankton, wrestling and cheese references all in one song? Why haven't I heard of Mariah Carey before now???

I'm in ecstasies.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Good idea - rather than throwing the bums out (who's left?) let's reward some good behaviour for a change.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
On the subject of shoeses....

Yes, old picture-- and you should see the fabulous sparkly blue-green my toenails are now, but I digress-- but I needed to illustrate the Gladiatrix Space Hooker shoes featured in today's post.

Of late, several older men at work seem to be noticing my shoes more than I would have expected. Leaving work Friday night, one of them remarked to me "what would you do if you had to run for your life in those shoes?" I quipped "I'd have to dig my heels in, stand my ground and just shoot back."

Sitting on my yoga ball Monday in cute top, skirt and these strappy affairs, another fellow kept coming by and remarking on my shoes. He said he sensed the yoga ball was frightened, fearing for its life in proximity to the needlesome little spikes. I said oh no, that ball knew what it was getting into when it came home with me and that it likes my shoes. Is in fact, quivering with delight.
Lucky ball.
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Monday, October 18, 2010
Release the Kraken!!!
(or Burping 101) Yes, another classy post.

I just find it amazing that there's something like burping pedagogy.

I admit I'm also delighted that The Champ looks a bit like Liam Neeson.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010
Sunday, Puppy Sunday: inconstant tarts

Blowfuzzy stayed over one more night. I was pleased to find the lovelumps on the bed when I was about to tuck in last night, I snapped a photo, then she called them and they high-tailed it to the sofa, where they spent the night with her. She laughed at their unfaithfulness and said she would be hurt if her Daisy had forsaken the pack bed for that of a houseguest. I shrugged. I know they're mine. :)

Still, what fickle little tarts!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010
Miss Blowfuzzy came a'callin
Little sister came out to visit and spent the night last night. We went for a Friday night walk around quiet little town then came back and drank a couple beers. We lit a fire in the chimenea and chattered nonstop. Was lots and lots of fun. :) This is the first time anyone in my family has seen the Great American Hovel.

I had a much-needed sleep-in this morning for what feels like the first time in weeks.

The good time had by all:

So, the birthday party was absolutely grand. Farm Family came into town on Thursday afternoon and stayed at a little local B&B. I got back from DFW only a short while before they arrived, and the house was pretty much a mess. They and Himself helped me pull it together at the last minute on Friday and what couldn't be finished I resolved to ignore and enjoy myself anyway. FarmGirl appeared in the supporting role of PackAnimal in my last-minute shopping jag to pick up the cake and other foodie bits. The house was kind of a mess for the party, but everyone seemed to see where it's heading, renovation-wise, and all were sweetly complimentary and supportive. There was AEPilotJim and Jennifer and EvylRobot with the comely little Heidi who romped with teh puppehs non-stop, along with FarmFam's Jezzebelle. Then came Alan and Vine and Christina. Tolewyn came and Chris and Daniel and Holly and JPG. FarmMom was a dynamo in the kitchen and Christina and Vine made an impressive pair of kitchen bitches on dish-warshing/drying detail. WOOHOO!

Friday and Saturday were chock-full of lively discussion and a wide swath was buzz-sawed through the oodles of jars of home-pickles that FarmMom brought from the bounty of her garden and kitchen. She makes the best Bread&Butter pickles. EVAR. THen there was the cinnamon pickles. And the hot ones. But the dills were wonderful.

In Dallas Thursday, I bought a four-pack of my favorite (non-Stingray) beer, Maredsous from an Abbey in Belgium. I woke up Saturday morning and realized that I'd only had one of those all night-- so much for pulling a proper drunk. Anyway, it was a grand occasion and I love all my clever, warm and delightful friends. There was lots of animated discussion, lively debate and genuine laughter, and I think pretty much everyone had as good a time as I did. :)

Thanks to everyone for the very thoughtful and clever gifts-- and the best of all presents was everyone's presence. Thanks for coming, you dear, lovely folks, and thanks for making my birthday so lovely and memorable. *HUGS ALL AROUND*

I think I'll go have a pickle now. :)
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That's adorable!
Fun times with blowfuzzy Von sassy!

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Friday, October 15, 2010
Happy Birthday to Tole! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Have you noticed that a lot of the best people have birthdays in October? I have!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010
Happy birthday to Blowfuzzy von Sassy! I Am Awesome

You being born was one of the best things that ever happened to me, Sis!!!

I love you.
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That not-so-supported feeling.
So I have the oh-shit! phone evenings this week.

Monday night, the laptop wouldn't connect to the company godhead, so any SOSers were SOL. Tuesday I took the whole setup in to work with me to get it sorted, they sorted the mess, and seemingly all was well last night. It just so happened I had only one call all night, and that was just an FYI from a vendor and required no computer time.

Wednesday night, OTOH, they appear to have put an extra security layer in the whole enchilada and now it's requesting a "tokencode"-- whatever that is. Rotsa ruck.

Now, on Monday when everything was so royally smegged up, I called the lead IT guy, and my boss let me know Tuesday he bitched mightily about having been bothered by me. Wednesday night I sent my boss a text about the tokencode thingie, but got no answer.

Am I going to call the tech guy again? Not no, but HELL no. I really don't want the company to lose out on business, but what the frell am I supposed to do? They need to get it together before they send this crap home with people.


This is not to say that the job is a terrible one. I still like what I'm doing, fortunately.

Someone at work had a teenaged child die not too long ago. Someone at the office felt it necessary to copy: ALL on an email informing folks the child had died of an accident quite probably during a very specific misbehaviour. I thought that was tacky beyond the pale. Wildly insensitive. That person still hasn't returned to work, but I think it's shitty that they'll find something in their inbox that mentions the child's death and its likely relation to recreational activity and that results weren't back from the autopsy yet... Why do people do things like that without thinking of how cruel the effect will be on someone facing such a loss?

I promise, that post-birthday roundup is coming soon...
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
a little light blogging...
I really want to gush about my birthday party-- it was truly fab, thanks to my lovely friends-- but I got to work Monday to find (to my dismay) I'd accidentally signed myself up for the "oh, shit!" phone for Monday night through Friday morning. Ugh. Part of the problem with that is the wireless connection to work is not always reliable, so I've made it a habit to unhook my own computer from the internet to keep the work computer up and running in case some customer calls in the throes of a brown-trouser moment. This means my time on my own computer is somewhat limited.

This will be interesting.

Himself and Daniel got more beadboard up Tuesday evening. At this rate, we may get the dining room ceiling finished before Halloween. That's a bigger accomplishment than you may imagine. I have of late informed Himself that one Big Project he'll have on his plate next year is painting the poopie brown trim under the edge of the roofline to pretty much any other color. Okay, well, not just any color. Not a color that says we make our own tortillas here. Just something, well, nicer and less, er, poopie-esque. Maybe a nice dark green. Nothing fluorescent. Nothing easter-eggy. Just something else.

I suspect Chuy made the rounds at the party, swanning from lap to lap, wrinkling at visitors and being fed treats by all. Chuy's wrinkles tell people he's had nothing but pebbles and pinecones to eat, and people long to feed him. At the end of Saturday, we realized the dapper little gent's trim waistline had gone walkabout and in its place was a thick little barrel of a boy. Even Praline's tummy got all poochy-outie. Hmmm.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Houses we love: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

I think these houses from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company are so incredibly fetching!

I especially love this one, the B-53, and in truth, except for a small country getaway, my tastes run more to their small houses than the tiny ones, but even the tiny ones are oozing charm, imho.
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Monday, October 11, 2010
tomato bisque... which the blender pukes on the cabinet.

When FarmFamily arrived in town on Thursday, to my delight they brought loads of produce from their garden back home. Sunday, however, the tomatoes demanded immediate use. I decided to try making tomato bisque for the first time.


Uh, except when I put hot soup in a blender to mince everything up and it went all splodey. Who knew that hot stuff in a blender couldn't be contained?

Still, the end product was delicious. Thanks so much for the tomatoes, FarmFamily! Loved 'em!

I'll try to write a longer post tomorrow about my birthday weekend. I had a fantastic time with everyone and I appreciate everyone coming around to help me celebrate.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010
Sunday, Puppy Sunday: we can has company!

Sorry I didn't get a picture with all four pups, but Jennifer and EvylRobot brought their lovely little Heidi and FarmMom brought Jezebel, and the four dogs were nearly perfectly matched for size, and a good time was had by all, I believe. Heidi is the blow-by of a chihuahua's night of romance with who-knows-whom, and Jezebel is a black miniature schnauzer.
Lovely little critters, all. Chuy and Praline have been sleeping non-stop since their doggie guests departed, and I expect they'll be practically comatose for a few days, yet. :)
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Saturday, October 09, 2010
Tired but happy

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Friday, October 08, 2010
Birthday cake or death!

Fabulous 45 birthday design by the superb Robb Allen
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The house is in an uproar
Praline and Chuy were all agog because lovely little Jezebel came to see us and brought her Farm Family. Having fun already, and my birthday has just begun. Puppeh pics to follow.
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Thursday, October 07, 2010
Dear Birthday Fairy
I've been a very good girl.
S&W 27 3.5"
(yup, the grips are fake ivory)


I think it's very evolved of me to be open minded enough that I could love a S&W as much as I might a Colt's Python, don't you agree?

Found at Ray's Sporting Goods in Dallas

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Lookie at the fabulous silver .45 pendant my mom and Sis got me fer my birthday!!! Love it. Love my sweet family even

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010
...think you're sick of beadboard?

Well, more progress was made, but we're not quite finished. Himself made all this progress today, and I finished painting (most of) the kitchen. I was hoping to get that done by my birthday, but that may not be the most realistic goal. meh. Split the difference, I suppose.

Tonight after work I'm driving down to Dallas to see my folks and siblings and the chillins, and then it's get LouLou's oil changed Thursday morning, a pedicure with Leslie at Nailworks on OakLawn (she's SUPERB!) and then back home to spiff up the place some more so it's nice and tidy for me birfday. Oh, and I have to order my cake. and.. and.. and..

At this point, I'm scaling things down a bit. There was a hiccup due to some pokey-outy bits on the shiplap board ceiling, and we're vexing over that. I came up with some ethnic engineering style solutions, but none were very satisfying. I laughed and laughed at that-- so THIS is how it happens, so this is where people start cutting corners and saying that doing it the slightly shabby way is good enough. I'm ambivalent about this. I have dear company coming Friday night and I'd like to have it done by then, but I think this thing is going to require a creative workaround, and I think getting it all the way completed may be off the table at this point, unless we do the slap-dash routine. We shall see.
oh! wait! I just had an ideer to fix that.

Anyhoo... here's the glorious kitchen, such as it is. Yeah, it's messy. I'll get to that later. At least the paint is mostly done. :) I never claimed to be perfect. I just know what I like. Someday, this will look fabulous. :) Yes, that's my Kilz-coated metal cabinets and sooper-dooper plastic-coated ceiling. (seeing a theme, here?) Is sexy, non? I know: no. Anyhoo, it's all a work in progress, and it's miles and miles ahead of where it was 6 months ago. :)

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010
Beadboard progression #2

Stopped work on the ceiling Tuesday night just shy of the half-way mark. Dunno if this will be finished or not this week. The work on this stage was done by Himself and Daniel whilst I worked at painting the kitchen. You can kind of see it in the room beyond, sort of a squash blossom yellow.
Yeah, I know the yellow kitchen is sort of a cliche, but maybe it's a cliche because it really works. Anyway, I like it and it's worlds better than the horrid chalky white that was on there before. In fact, I think the entire kitchen-- even the metal cabinets-- was just painted with Kilz. Now, I love Kilz. Kilz has been very good to me and I use it frequently. It's just not at all appropriate as a finishing coat.
Anyway, did that sound like whining?
It was not. Did I mention my birthday is Friday?

Am officially in a very good mood. :)
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Monday, October 04, 2010
Progress report: beadboard installation I

So, we got a bit of a late start on putting the beadboard in. I was fussing about with shifting some things in the house, and getting the space ready for the bookcase, and then loading a few things onto the bookcase.
Yes, Sunday was a very good day. I'm so excited about this week and about my birthday on Friday. :) I have Thursday and Friday off, so after work on Wednesday I'm driving over to Dallas to see Mum and Pop, and hopefully siblings and the niece/nephew complex, as well. :) Maybe Sis will bring her sublime wiener dog, Daisy. :)
Anyway, Sunday we went for a nosh at a local German eatery and I over-krauted, apparently. This was no great discomfort to me, but Himself did remark at the noisiness of the geese on the lake during our walkies.

Speaking of walkies, got a late start on the beadboard because we took a very long walk with the hounds. It's cool enough that we actually put sweaters on them. We let them stop and sniff everything they took a fancy to sniff and there was plenty of p-mail exchanged, a bit of spam and apparently a few flame wars. Praline and the Chooch had a grand time, and I expect they'll have a blissful, very restful sleep through Monday morning.

So, on to the beadboard: we got on to the 6th row of the stuff, so it's moving along apace. We'll get it all done tomorrow night, after which I'll most likely paint most of the rest of the kitchen. Yays! This will look very nice when the molding goes in, but that may be a month or so away, depending on when I can afford the molding I want. :) Will be ossum, though!

Oh, I want to show you one of my favorite arty things. This cow painting was done by an American artist who lives in Germany. He likes to take some piece of printed material and paint a tableau over that. This was a panel from a fruit crate, and it had the little trees printed on, and he added the red beeves, who I think are adorable. Makes me smile, anyhoo.

Have a great Monday. I'm pretty sure I'll have the whole rest of the ceiling to show you tomorrow. Cheers, m'dears!
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Sunday, October 03, 2010
things taking shape...

I'm SO excited.

My trapezoid Beetlejuice bookcase just came out of storage. It's in the second bedroom which is pretty much office/storage/catchall room, but at last it's here and I've a proper place to put books and music and tchochkes.


Thanks to Himself and Tolewyn for bringing from my storage space.

*more squeeeeeing*
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this Sunday is no day of rest
Hello, beadboard! Goodbye, plastic ceiling!

I really want to get the beadboard ceiling up before I go to bed tonight. Priming the beadboard over the last week was tedious. I used Zinsser which everyone raves about, and I'm impressed with the light yet thorough coat it's given, but it was a bear to use and ruined my best paintbrush. Lesson learned. Unless there's something I don't know about that works with the stuff, I'd say plan to throw away the brush you use with Zinsser at the end of each day, because you won't be able to get it out of the brush afterward. But, I suppose this one of those omelette/breaking egg scenarios. Was worth it to get a good finshed finish. :P

I started painting them last night, and planned to finish the lot, but I just did a handful using a variety of implements for paint application, and finally decided I wasn't happy with any of them. Then I woke up this morning and the ones I'd done with my Shur-Line spongey thingie turned out quite nicely, so I've been at the task of finishing the painting all morning. I have about a dozen or so boards to finish, but right now the last lot is drying on the scaffold, but I've used all available space there and I need to let them finish drying before I make the final push.

I have the air compressor and nailgun handy, and Himself and teh puppehs as my beautiful assistants-- how can I go wrong?

I'm squeeing!
Yes, that's paper over the a/c vent-- you'll note someone very cleverly(?!) placed the thermostat under the vent, and it would blow right onto the thermostat and make it think the house was the appropriate temp and kick the unit off. Meanwhile the rest of the house would be freezing or bloody boiling. [And yes, that's the very thermostat that's overdue for a ritual killing. We'll probably make it go 'splodey at Blogorado next year, or somesuch.]
Hopefully we'll get that cover back up on it today, and that'll be a huge improvement, too. :) That is not to say that the paper/plastic/tape combination doesn't reek of elegance and refinement, but still...
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Sunday, Puppy Sunday: Free hugs and kisses and cuddles.

I know I gush endlessly about Chuy, because he's the love-sponge, but Praline is such a gooey-centered sweetheart you would be dazzled. She's got the classic Jack Russell energy and she's death-on-wheels to squirrelses, but when she settles down for a cuddle, she goes positively boneless, and there's never been a sweeter, more lovey-dove pup than she is at those quiet pre-sleep moments.
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Saturday, October 02, 2010 which yard birds break up brawling bunnies...

...the rabbits having run afowl of barnyard tempers. Can't you just hear them???

Do I need to pull this car over?
Am I gonna have to take my belt off?
Do we need to separate you two?

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Friday, October 01, 2010
Our Birth Monthâ„¢ has arrived.
Let's admire cute doggies in celebration. WOOHOO!!!

I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to make it past the little wiener dog, but a good Jack Russell can charm the socks off one.
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