Thursday, September 18, 2008

Okay, I admit: now I'm whining.

Crap. I just called the Rush Limbaugh show. Bo Snerdley laughed when I told him my comment and put me on hold. I was on hold for about 25 minutes and then I was hung up. Crappity.

I was going to say

Now we know why the left were so full of phony outrage over John McCain’s failure to use the internet. They were just mad because he didn’t have an email for them to hack.


Zelda said...

Oh those bitches! That is an awesome comment and I'm sure Rush would have loved it.

Anonymous said...

His loss!

I've been listening to Rush on and off for a couple months now, I'm still waiting for him to say something sexist or racist.

FHB said...

Rude pricks! How dare they? Never even got that far though, actually to a person, so congrats.