Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thursday night I was hankering for a pinion fire in the chimenea, so I built one. Before dark, I sat on the steps reading as the fire got rolling. The resinous wood smouldered a bit, tendrils of smoke curling out the top and making their way around the concrete pillars in my yard, remnants of the property's industrial past. The photo was long exposure - mebbe 3 seconds and no tripod - and I didn't even notice that spark jumping out the top. I need to get one of those mesh thingies for the top of the flue. I'm so excited about cooler weather- I'm going to have a fire in the chimenea as often as I can.
Is it too late to name the puppeh Gozer the Destructor? She just LURVES chewin'!
Oh, DBA Dude sent me the link to this story about Rocket Rosie, a Jack Russell Terrier who routinely runs about 30 mph. SRSLY. Miss Praline's getting there-- she's faster every day.
I don't have a tv, so I've been catching a bit of video coverage of hurricane Ike on the internet. On one radio interview, there was a family holed up in their 1895 house in Galveston, along with some friends. The woman figured this house had weathered 100+ years of major storms, including the big killer hurricane that leveled Galveston in the early 1900s, and the house is up to it, whatever Ike has to dish out. I was thinking that if that family perishes in that house, they'll seem just as foolish as the people partying at the bar on the beach as the storm surge rolled in.

I admit I'd love to experience a hurricane. I know that's crazy, but the intensity of it sounds amazing. But, um, I don't want to be in danger's the thing. I suppose other than whatever rain the hurricane slings up our way, I won't be experiencing hurricanes in general, in this lifetime.

See, it works like this -- if you have warning that something nasty is coming along, you prepare or get out of the way, right? Ideally, you head for higher ground.
People are silly.


Christina LMT said...

When I first saw the picture, I thought of the Emerald City in Oz.
I love fire, don't have a fireplace right now, though.
I agree with you on the hurricane thing. I've ridden out several typhoons (in Okinawa), but at least they build for 'em there. Oh, and hurricane Iniki in Hawaii, and some other one whose name I can't remember while we lived in Maryland. Yeah, it's intense, but also frightening. And the cleanup afterwards? Ugh.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Personally I am glad that you are not getting to experience this hurricane. I was thinking about you yesterday, determined to check a map to make sure you were out of harm's way.

Buck said...

I see that you're gonna get some pretty high winds and lotsa rain today, Phlegmmy. A good day to stay indoors and play. Or clean. Or something.

I was up until 0330 this morning watching landfall live on The WX Channel. Doesn't look like it's as bad as they thought it was gonna be, and that's a Great Good Thing. 3 million people without power in Houston ain't so good, tho.

Thud said...

hey!...I just bought one too...but I live more in hope than anything as regards to using it in English weather.

Rabbit said...

The ex (aka Supreme Bitch Goddess of the Universe) and I sat through Hurricane Alicia in the Cotton Bowl watching a 2 1/2 hour long Simon and Garfunkel Reunion concert turn into 6 hours of intermittent rain interrupted by some so-so music. On the way back to the hotel, however, 75 started flooding as the bigger rain bands hit town. Only took 3 hours to get from Fair Park back to 635 and Midway around 2 in the morning.

Maybe it's just me, or maybe the company, but you're not missing anything...except the homemade chili I'm making right now.


HollyB said...

Having lived in Houston [the city center is 60 mi. inland] from '65 to '76... I weathered a few 'canes in my time there. It can get "Real Western".

The thing is, it doesn't get that way quickly, like it does with a tornado. Those things just WHAM! they're on you! Or they've wiped out the Street behind you.

With a Hurricane, you get slammed with the outer bands whether the EYE passes over you or not. With a 'cane, a miss CAN be as good as a mile depending on how strong it is.

Oh, and Buck, the Greater Houston Metro Population is SIX mil, not 3 I have a Brother on the West side of Houston w/o power. BUT I have a Bro in Navasota who is w/o power, water AND whose house was damaged. Wind, it SUCKS.