Monday, September 01, 2008

Aussies have a deliciously twisted view on things. I like those people!

h/t to Myron


Christina LMT said...

Snarky, I like it!

Buck said...

I'd seen this before over at Lex's place, which is populated mainly with USN fighter-types and various other aviation peeples. There was some classic snark on that thread, as one might expect.

But yeah. Ivan was only about 100 feet (or MUCH less) from being a twisted pile of smoking aluminum. Them things don't roll well at ALL in grass.

kbarrett said...

Hot day take-offs are always difficult ... hot air is less dense than cold.

I think the pilot didn't realize this until he was committed.

He lucked out ... it looks like he deliberately lifted about 30 feet or so into ground effect, and stayed there until he could rotate, well past the end of the runway.

He was damned lucky he had no trees or other crap in his way.