Monday, September 01, 2008

blogroll Gustav update

Posting this at 5:15 Monday afternoon - I spoke with Ambulance Driver a short while ago, and they've battened down the hatches and are riding out the storm. The unfortunate thing is that the eye of the storm looks dead-set to go right over his house, but I'm hoping for everyone's sake the whole production will poop itself out toute-de-suite now that it's made landfall.

I just called Peter but got a voice mail saying his line was busy. Hopefully that means his line was busy and not that there is no service where he is at the moment. Still, despite the recent fire and whatnot, I know his home is well fortified and provisioned, and that his house sits on the highest ground in the immediate area.

Will post an update if I have word again from either of these two.

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